Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Big WOW Part 2

I have had a lot to absorb over the past 6 months. I still walk around with the bubble over my head and yes, when it pops, out comes:

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Relatively soon after I posted My Big WOW, I started to connect more pieces to my Birth Family Puzzle. My Aunt Terri messaged me some photographs and I noticed other 'cousin' connections on Facebook.
What I had overlooked - was while I was bemoaning the fact that my Aunt and her family was in Florida, and another cousin was in North Carolina, another out in Arizona - was that I had a cousin Mary - who lived really close to York, PA - where I grew up, and now visit my brother and friends. 
I could actually meet her! Happy Dance!!! About a month later I was messaging back and forth with Mary, trying to find a good date for us to get together. As it turns out the best time for us to meet was when I was up in York for St. Mary's Holiday Bazaar. 
In Mid November. :(  
At that moment I felt like that was the ~~12th of Never~~.
When we started messaging back and forth, the first thing that Mary said to me was "I just want to be where you are". Followed by "I love how you're freaking. So am I". 

Before I get too ahead of myself - and confuse you totally... here's my 
Birth Family Order - in purple are my Aunts and Uncle - their children (my cousins) are listed below their names. The dates next to their names are when I first met them online or by phone.
Marian ~~~(dec'd)
Phyllis (me - Liz)
John David (half brother - dec'd)
Catherine E. (half sister - dec'd)
My Aunt - Louise ~~~(dec'd)
Mary - Aug. 21
Kitty - Oct. 2
Louis - Jan 2016
Therese - Sept. 17
My Uncle - Tommy ~~~
Salisa - Jan 2016
JD - Nov.7
My Aunt - Terri ~~~
Diana - Aug. 2

About a month after I started talking to Mar(y), Terese, her sister messaged me and we started to get to know one another. During our first conversation she asked if I wanted to have something my mother made. I was astounded. Of course I do! And, my goodness, thank you! Turns out that something was a Greenware pumpkin. Greenware was very popular craft with house wives in the late 1950s into the 60s. 
Another month goes by and cousin Kitty chimes in. Facebook has been such a wonderful way to get to know the personalities of everyone. Then it's Jd's birthday - and I contact him to say hello. 
It's almost time to meet Mary. She is going to come to St. Mary's on the days we are pricing and setting up in Mid November. And the day and time are here. And there we are. I am crying like a baby. In complete love with her, overwhelmed, joyful, amazed - WOW!

Meeting my birth cousin for the first time.
Mar, me and one of my 'original' cousins, Joanie.
Mar with me holding the Greenware pumpkin that was made by my birth mother Marian.

Mar was sweet enough to help both days setting up for the bazaar - and we had time to visit. She even had me over for dinner and I was able to meet her husband, mother in law, daughter and grand daughter. It was lovely! 

December comes and with it, a wonderful surprise. My husband and daughter coordinated with a dear friend, Janis, and my cousin, Kitty, for me to fly out to Arizona - to not only visit with Janis who had just moved out there early last year, but also to meet Kitty! January 22nd couldn't come soon enough.
December also came with some difficult news. The man that had married my mother and was the father of my two half siblings, died on the 19th. This is now someone I will never get to talk to, nor ask questions of. His memorial is held on January 16th.

After I had posted my first Big Wow - I had a cousin (another 'original'), Kathy, contact me. 

"Lisa, I read your blog. I am so thrilled for you. You can never have too many people to love you. I travel all the time for work and I have a ton of frequent flyer miles and hotel points. If you would like to visit your birth family, I would be privledged to cover your flight and hotel room".

So this is my next adventure - tomorrow I fly to Florida to meet my Aunt Terri, cousin Diana and her husband Michael, and their little girl Charity. I have also been told that two Uncles - Lew (by marriage) and Tommy (Marian's little brother) are planning to travel from other locations in Florida to visit with me! 

My Big Wow - Part 3 will be coming shortly. I have all sorts of stories to share with you about the memorial service and my visit to Arizona. Then of course - there's this trip and Part 4!

I'll be sharing some high lights on FB - but until next time...

Hugs, Liz

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