Thursday, February 2, 2012

Matching Stains - call me the Mixologist

My project for today was to try and mix a stain that would match 1950s? pine cabinets.  The client isn't in love with the cabinets - but has other places to spend his money right now (don't we all...?) A friend put up the crown molding for him - and he has been looking at it for two years like this  :(
 This dark, orangey pine color will not be easy to match - because of the depth and range of color - also stains don't really come in this particular color.  The other issue is that the cabinets have aged over time to this deeper color.

I suggested painting the cabinets a yellow ochre color - this would certainly solve the stain problem - and it is a possibility down the road -  but stain it is!

 So here is my little chemistry set - I wear a double layer of the transparent gloves, stir the stain - or shake it really well to get the solids off of the bottom - and mix away.  OK - well it really is not that easy.
I start with a small amount of Minwax Golden Oak, mix in some Cherry, and some Red Mahogany.  The result is above on the 1 foot section of crown.  Because I have about 20 feet of molding to stain - I have to make sure that this 'cocktail' I am mixing up will cover  - perhaps 2 coats.  The color is not bad - but it needs more red or yellow.  Again - not the easiest shades to find in stains.

I have to go to the hardware store - Nichol's Hardware on 21st Street in Purcellville is my choice.  I pick up another small can of Red Mahogany - but also pick up a stain color I am not familiar with, Red Chestnut - sounds like it might be a winner - but sounds nothing like 'Pine', does it?  I pour a healthy portion of the Red Chestnut into my mix - and give it a stir.  I use an old cotton sock to rub it on to some quarter round that was taken off of the cabinets.    Looks like it matches pretty good.  Now to stain the molding in situ.  My husband Bob has some 'fixing' that need to be done to the molding first.   It wasn't quite installed properly.  I'll let you see it when we finish!
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