Thursday, February 25, 2016

Missed Connections

Dear American Airlines,

I am on my way to Miami now. Is that my destination? No, but I digress.
Let me tell you a story. 
In December, 56 years ago, I was born. Out of wedlock. I was officially adopted on February 2nd of the following year. I was raised in a loving and wonderful family. 
Both of my adoptive parents are now dead, making me think that perhaps I should go in search of my birth family. Which I did, last August. Within 20 minutes of sending out an email to my 'new' aunt in Florida, I was greeted with a joyful response. 
I wrote a blogpost about the beginnings of my search on and called it My Big Wow. 
An 'original' cousin, Kathryn Romano, was so touched by these unfolding events, that she offered me her airline miles to travel to Florida - when I was ready. 
After arranging things with my 'new aunt' Terri - involving her taking days off from her job, I contacted Kathryn in early January and asked her to book my flights.
I would be flying from Dulles to Gainesville, via Charlotte on Feb 23. I was so excited!!
The day finally came. My husband drive me to the airport and I  boarded my flight to Charlotte. We sat on the tarmac for two hours waiting to take off. Unfortunately a terrible storm was making its way up the east coast. Charlotte was not letting any flights in or out. Eventually we ended up back at the gate, and I was trying to make new plans to get a flight out. I was taken care of by a very competent agent and rebooked through Miami with a connecting flight back to Gainesville. They ticketed me and I was ready to go. The flight was leaving shortly and we had not gotten the severe weather yet, it was only lightly raining at this point.   I waited about an hour (?) when it was announced that my flight had been canceled. To be continued...

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