Thursday, August 30, 2012

When you are self employed - there really is no such thing as a vacation Part 2

Yes - I really am flat on my back here.  I may not be able to sleep through the night - but put me on a beach in public - and I can be fast asleep in a heartbeat - and I mean ASLEEP!  I don't think there is anything better than the warmth of the sand and sun, a breeze, and the sound of the ocean. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - oh! what? - excuse me...  :)

Bob and Cali joined us during the week - Cali has such issues with being abandoned as a puppy - that she was not too sure about a vacation - she was a little more clingy than usual.

On our way back from the beach the first day, we stopped by the Opportunity Shop and picked up some stuffies for her as a surprise.  Here she is having a great time.

Breakfast on Tuesday morning was a 'compromise' of Bob's fav - french toast.  I had brought all of our 'heels' of bread with me and made bread pudding.  I served it with fresh, sliced peaches and bacon.  YUM!

More beach time - yep those are my toes (Make Mine Mango - by Revlon) - and I am asleep once more...

Woody's Eatery on Maddox for dinner - Barbeque - pulled pork for Bob and I, and a chicken/grilled pineapple sandwich for Gin.  

A GORGEOUS sunset over the bay and mainland that evening.

More goods from the 'Park and Flea' and Op shop. Undecided as to whether I need to keep the handyman's encyclopedia intact - or make cards and envelopes out of the pages...

And stuff that I really needed - from a couple of places on the island - the most important - Shark's Teeth.  I had to look everywhere for them - and finally found the best selection at Payne's Treasure Chest (on Ridge Road north of Beebe) - along with some really cool skull beads from Tibet.  I also got the vintage show ribbon there.  The vintage wallet came from the 'Park and Flea'. The playing cards and map postcard came from Pony Penning Enterprises - really known for their Breyer Models.

Now I need to get down to business and make those fun, nautical necklaces for the Cane Garden Bay Surf Shop!

See you soon, xo, Liz

Sunday, August 26, 2012

When you are self employed - there really is no such thing as a vacation Part 1

Although the first day we managed to squeeze in a whole bunch of both!  
First the "Park and Flea" - that was work - but fun work.  You can read more about that here:

This is just a preview of some of the goodies we found at the Park and Flea.
Then ------- off to the beach!!  My daughter and I spent the afternoon on the sand and in the water. 
Afterwards we stopped and picked up our key - off to the grocery store for a few provisions - then down to the house to 'move in'.  It was a cute little Chincoteague's Fisherman's Cottage - this is another story...
After moving in - we had dinner - leftovers that we brought with us (home made pesto and pasta). 

Then back up town to the Roxy Island Theatre - to see 'The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel'.  It had been on our list to see - and there it was!!

We both agreed that we could see it a second time around.  This theatre is the same place where the 'Misty of Chincoteague' movie premiered.
We topped the night off with double scoop waffle cones at the Island Creamery.  Marsh Mud, Iced Nirvana, Salted Caramel, and Cake Batter.  Oh my!  Pretty good 'work' for the first day :)

Modeling day - all of the clothes needed to be washed - and then modeled.  Before they are listed, there also have to be repairs made, then they are measured and described.

 A pretty light blue gown
 A sequined (felt like chain maille) 'Audrey' Breakfast at Tiffany's dress

A gorgeous brocade gown - how is it that all of these clothes fit her???!!! Ginna was very patient with her modeling assignment and did a fantastic job as usual.

That's all for now - part 2 coming soon!  xo, Liz

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Take the time to listen Take the time to recharge

We haven't gone on a vacation in three years.  I wasn't sure it was going to happen this year either due to my Mother's health problems.  We had however, committed to a house at the beach - I sure would have hated to waste that money...
This is Ethel (names have been changed...).  Where was I?  My favorite place to stop on the way to the beach - The "Park and Flea" in downtown Salisbury, MD.  You meet some of the nicest and most genuine people at this place.  I had the nicest time talking to Ethel - all the while my daughter was at another space looking at DVDs.  She called me 3x on the phone - to get my attention - but I wasn't leaving - because Ethel wanted to talk - and by gum! I was going to listen.  
These are some of Ethel's treasures found and given to her over the years - aren't they wonderful?! 
I had a neighbor, now long deceased - Edith Bushrod - and Ethel reminded me so much of her.  Sweet - but tough - ready to take on life and all that it asked of her - and it had asked a lot. Ethel married at 14 years old!  She was now 71 - and was selling at the flea market on her own. My mind went a little numb when she told me how many grandchildren and great grand children she had - the grands were in the 60+! By the time we finished talking - we agreed to see each other next Sunday - and Ethel was going to meet me with one of her home baked sweet potato pies. 

It looks a little barren from this shot - but I bet there were 50+ vendors. We got to the market around 9:30 and we were done by 12 noon. Time for lunch! 
We had never eaten at a Checkers before - but got a great deal - 2 spicy chicken sandwiches and drinks for $6.00! It really hit the spot. 

I'll show you pics of all the goodies we found - later...
for now it's Beach Time!!

remember - take time to listen - you may hear something amazing!
xo, Liz

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Make Someone Happy! Lend a Helping Hand

At Christmas time last year I had a woman contact me on Etsy.  She had a lot of items to sell and wanted to know how difficult it was to set up shop.  I gave her the entire rundown - the selling is very easy.  But then I realized - the only reason the back end of it - shipping - is easy for me - is because I have some space to have all those miscellaneous boxes and recycled materials to send things off with.  For someone in a smaller space - this would be very difficult and perhaps expensive.

Margaret contacted me again in June - perhaps I could buy outright/consign/sell her items for her.  I replied with an enthusiastic YES!  My time frame was not her time frame however.  Summers for me are usually reserved for re-finding my workroom. This summer (come hell or high water) was going to be dedicated to organizing my shop. I needed more shelves, and I needed to better organize all that I had listed in my Etsy shops.  These items are only the tip of the iceberg.
I told Margaret that I would be happy to help - but my thought was pricing and getting everything ready for October and the Town Wide Tag Sale in Purcellville.  She wanted things gone sooner than that.  Thinking, thinking...  I mentioned that she should go see Rebecca and Bill up at It's Bazaar in Purcellville.  They would probably buy some items outright - as well as consign things for her.

This is exactly what she did.  Why am I showing you my chairs?  Because she saw these in my space up at It's Bazaar and had a pair that she offered to me.  They were currently being shown on Craig's List.  I LOVED them, but I also had enough projects in the queue.

 My brain was still working in June - and I private messaged Miss Mustard Seed on Facebook.  I knew she would love them too.  She has a space at Lucketts and moves more furniture through her space in a month than I do.  The resounding answer was YES!!!  So I convoed Margaret back and told her to remove the listing from Craig's list, that MMS wanted them.
However - I was not prepared for the response!
She was over the moon that Marion might like them - let alone want them.  Well let me tell you - Now she is over the moon and back again -

And to top it off  - Margaret also told me she had some checks waiting for her up at It's Bazaar.
All of this came about because I took a few minutes to answer some questions.  In the process I made some one wildly happy.  That's just makes me smile :)

Love and Peace, Liz

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