Saturday, April 12, 2014

I truly enjoy my Creativity

Can I just say that my mom would have loved Etsy if it had been around years ago?
There were SO many times that we would be working on something together and needed a particular 'special item' to finish off our project. Of course, we would probably end up creating it ourselves. 
At the time, you could only get what was sold in the stores - you know - the normal stuff - not the really awesome stuff - if there was awesome stuff somewhere...

I am currently reworking a linen suit I purchased at Unique Boutique, 402 3rd Avenue, NY, NY on 3rd between 28th and 29th.
It's adorable. But. I have never understood the theory of lining a wonderful, breathable Linen, with Polyester. Really??
Certainly I have been sewing long enough, and sat at the foot of the master (mom), to know that lining a piece of clothing gives it support, shape and structure. Ok - I know that...
Back to this cute little suit...I have now taken the lining out of the skirt and the jacket. As you can see in the photo, it looks a bit raw. Wait no longer - this is where that crazy imagination of mine (mom) comes into play. 
I am a great believer in the idea that clothing should be fun. 

{Maybe this is where my daughter gets the idea that I was perhaps a clown in a former life. But really - I'm ok with that observation. It was said after much thought and said with love}.

But I digress... I want to finish the raw seams and was considering my options. I wanted it to look pretty inside. Fun when you opened the jacket. My first thought was Patterned Seam Tape. SO CUTE! I could make that. However, sometimes it just pays to get that 'something special', the awesome stuff, from the experts. SO -let's look on Etsy. 

Bazingo! Ask and ye shall receive. Ok, maybe this isn't really what Matthew 7:7-8 was referencing - umm - patterned seam tape? But - Heh - it works  :) 

Needless to say my mom would have loved this score! I am off to shop. I'll let you know what I chose and show you pictures of my finished 'creation' when my project is completed.

What have you found - that was the 'perfect ending'?
Post your comments below!
Talk to you soon, Liz

My mother's hands

It promised to be the spring day that I had long been wishing for. My arms lifted the first towel into the air and  pinned it to the clothes line. I burst into tears.

I was struck with the image of my mother as a young woman, hanging sheets on the line at our Wynwood Road house. I was little and would have been found playing on the swing set or in my hide-away under the arching branches of the forsythia row at the edge of our property - reading one of my coveted Big Little books. I would watch her as she went about her task. This woman who grew up with orange crates as her bedroom furniture derived so much joy from her home and all of the daily tasks that kept it running. She especially loved the smell of sheets dried on the clothes line. After a hard day at play, my brother and I were guaranteed a night of sweet dreams as she pulled up those sheets smelling of fresh air and sunshine and tucked us in.
To this day I'm sure there is nothing better.
So when my arms rose in the air to pin that first towel onto the clothesline, I burst into tears. I cried through the hanging up of two loads of laundry as I remembered my mother's hands at work. 

Enjoy each moment,
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