Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back to my Roots

I spent most of today photographing items to list both on eBay and Etsy.   In between loading and editing pics - my daughter was printing pics to use on her graduation thank yous.

My Kawaii Cuties earrings have been very popular so I have had to make more.

My daughter had some awesome espadrilles that she barely wore - and some jean shorts that she grew out of in 2 seconds.  These definitely had to get listed on eBay and soon!
 Never been worn espadrilles in an olive satin - decorated with silver stitching and gold beads - size 10.
Cute canvas espadrilles in kelly green - also size 10.

 About half a dozen pairs of shorts...  now all on a five day auction on eBay.  Bye bye!

A variety of items to list in my vintage as well as my handmade shops on Etsy.  This is an adorable brocade hand bag with a faux tortoiseshell frame/handles.

A cute vintage John Deere wagon and a hand made floral arrangement.

An awesome collection of vintage milk glass.  

And this is where I go back to my roots - the beginnings of Bittersweet Design Studio lay right here.   When I first started my business - I made wreaths and arrangements out of the wild flowers and vines that grew on my property.
That was 22 years ago.  I will have to say I haven't made a dried flower wreath in YEARS!  However - 2012 graduation 'interfered' with the harvesting of my lavender at the exact time - and so NO lavender wands this year.  But I did have some wonderful herbs and flowers that had flowered or set pods - and I was getting the 'urge' to do a little something with my bounty.  So while the computer was in use for printing and such - I wandered my almost acre and cut from my gardens.  I made these this evening.

So here we are!  From left to right - Yarrow and Roman Chamomile; Lavender and Larkspur; Oregano and Nigella.  The fresh herbs are wired on to Bittersweet vine frames.  All grown and harvested in my very own yard.  They will dry and stay lovely and fragrant like this for a few years.

That makes me happy!  Liz

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Date with a porch swing

Yep - I kept my word.  I 'wore out' my porch swing yesterday - for about 4 hours.   I took care of all of my computer work and shipping in the morning - so was free to enjoy that lovely weather - a product of that cool front and all that rain came through the day before.

Reading {5th Avenue 5a.m. by Sam Wasson - all about Audrey Hepburn and the making of Breakfast at Tiffany's} and napping, in my comfy clothes no less!

That's all for now - I am too tired to write more. 
A dear customer of ours died Tuesday.  Bob had been working with him for 21 years. Along side him for many years and then 'for' him for a number more, when he wasn't able to help anymore. I spent most of today with his daughter - an amazing and strong woman.  I am privileged that she let me share today with her - but as many of you know - grief is an exhausting thing.  
Keep her in your thoughts, thanks.  Liz

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

And a good time was had by all

Graduation Day Loudoun Valley High School June 11, 2012
 I love the white caps against the green trees and the green caps against the light sky! 
 The honored - our graduate - Virginia!
The 'kids' canopy - some of Virginia's friends who joined us to celebrate
l to r - clockwise - Drew Hare, Nora Kavaldjian, Aislin Kavaldjian, Kristen English, Jon Coate, Stephanie Chepega, Anna Casserino.
 The 'adults' canopy - friends and family - close and extended gather to help us celebrate!
 More of Virginia's friends - Doug Bae, Bill Wine, Christy Haney - more names later...

Bill Shelton - Catoctin Creek Catering Company came in at 7:30 a.m. to set up and get grillin'!  NC barbecue, chicken, green beans, baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw.  My hard working husband Bob carrying one of the tables down to the back porch, while Bill unloads another. 

 Amazing and delicious food provided by our neighbor - grill master extraordinaire - Bill Shelton.

Good friends Ken and Patty Rea - because you can never have too many people who love you!!

Sweet 'sis' Jen had an in-service day - and had to come late - but she helped take it all down - tent carefully packed away and delivered, folding chairs loaded and back to the church.

To everyone that was here in their hearts - and to everyone that was able to join us in person to celebrate the raising of this lovely young woman -  because it took us all - a huge debt of thanks!! 
Because of all of you, she can be sent out into this world prepared for anything.  Best of luck and all of our good wishes!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Almost Ready for Party Time

 Looks like we are getting ready for a celebration
 Front porch is ready!!
 This porch swing has my name on it - We have a big date Wednesday :)
 A relaxing place to chill...
 Throw in a touch of pure Americana
 And some great vintage galvanized watering cans
Cali giving the graduation girl an enthusiastic wake up call. Wake up!  Wake up!  Wake up!!!
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