Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stink Bugs - and one way to keep them from infiltrating your house

Top side of the air conditioner - double taped with HVAC tape
Side view of the air conditioner

Here are a couple of photos - for those of you out there who use portable air conditioners.  We were determined to lessen our chances of a stink bug invasion this summer - and here is our solution.  The portable air conditioner is a great way for stink bugs to get into your home - all those huge openings!  
After wiping down all of the sides (so the tape would really stick), we wrapped all of the sides of the air conditioner (s) with aluminum screening - and taped it down with aluminum tape.  This tape seemed a better option than duct tape - because duct tape seems to get gooey, and then dried out, after time  - when exposed to weather.  
Bottom of air conditioner - the three drain holes need to be covered too - but they still need to drain!

We'll let you know how we fare - so far, with this heat - we have enjoyed at least one night of welcome relief!

Nuts and Bolts - and a borrowed computer

Okay everyone - I am back for now.  I hope to be getting a new computer in the next few days :)  Here are two photos of what is in the NUTS and BOLTS bag.  Now...   What am I going to create?  Frankly - and I may have said this in my previous post - the real challenge to me - is to use ALL of the items to create something - not just one item.  SO - YES - I will be using them all.

 Here is a list of exactly what was in my bag:
1 piece of 600 grit Wetordry sandpaper 4" x 3"
4 pieces of aluminum screen 3" x 3"
1 letter M stencil
2 wooden pegs 2.75" long
1 biscuit
1 split ring washer 7/8" in diameter
1 bolt with nut 2" long
1 tiny thumb screw .75" long
1 locking (?) washer .5" in diameter
8 washers .5" in diameter
1 little round metal 'thingy' - it looks like a round head with a birds beak - and measures 3/8" across - it sits just above and to the left of the split ring washer :)

The pegs definitely say something functional to me - and I am a rather practical gal.  With that said - I also love whimsy, and silliness.  So - here we go!  See you soon with an update!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nuts and Bolts update - Computer Down

Sorry folks - you'll have to wait a bit to see what is in the bag for my Nuts and Bolts project... :(
I currently have a Dell Inspiron computer - from 2006.  I know, I know - a Dinosaur! The port where the computer gets plugged in, appears to have finally  given up - and no longer wants to charge up.  SO - onto a new computer - when I have time.
Luckily - I have a Droid phone - so I can stay in touch - but the whole photo thing, and accessing the web from a handheld device - definitely leaves something to be desired!

I could really probably use the prize money from that Nuts and Bolts competition - It could go towards helping to pay for a new computer!

Hope to 'see' you soon!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nuts and Bolts - come along for the ride!

Always up for a challenge - this particular 'contest' sounded like my kind of fun.
This is an "All Media Arts Challenge" put on by The Franklin Park Arts Center.
The rules - sign up, pay 5 bucks, print out a certificate, take it to my FAVORITE hardware store - Nichol's in Purcellville.  Pick up a brown sack filled with random hardware, use at least ONE of the pieces to create a 'work of art'.

 So - what is in the bag?  Check back Monday and I'll show you!  My idea will be to use all of the items - seems to me that would be a tougher challenge than to only use one...So - come Monday - we'll see what's inside - I can't wait - good thing I'll be really busy over the next two days - and won' t be tempted to look!  I'll be busy filling orders for Tab Top Pet Collars!
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