Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My favorite Ice Cream

You know how particular items, images, scents, or tastes take you back to a certain time and place? And it is usually instantaneous?
This is one of mine - peppermint ice cream. It it usually only available in winter and Baskin Robbins was the first place I tasted it. I was hooked. 
Later in the evening - after putting in some tough hours studying, some of the girls on my floor (9th Kelly Hall, Drexel University), and some of the guys from the 10th floor would get bundled up for the trek west to the Baskin Robbins ice cream store up on Penn's campus. Many times during this trek, it was snowing. The cold flakes would fall on our faces, the quiet street was devoid of cars and our raucousness sounded louder than normal in the soft and snowy quiet. We would slide on the slick snow that was laying lightly on the sidewalks or streets, throw snowballs at each other, and generally blow off steam. Because of the cold, the walk was usually brisk. It was always great to 'escape' outside for a bit and have a much needed break from the latest design project.
Since my freshman year at Drexel - I don't believe I have gone one winter without having at least a serving of peppermint ice cream. OK - there may have been one or two missed years in there - but definitely more years of peppermint than not. 
Peppermint ice cream will always remind me of my busy, but happy years in school at Drexel, friends come and gone, and snowfall. Magical, wonderful snowfall...

What were some of yours?
tell me, Liz
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