Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Quick and Easy Jewelry Display

Because my mind just works like this...Whenever I am taking anything out of a package - I think of using the packaging in another way. Interesting printed card stock that might have been a background for some charms or stickers will normally be punched out into a few tags. 

Recently I have gotten bored with the standard jewelry displays out there. Of course I have altered them, but I am always looking for a way to change things up. These clear tubes held Washi Tape (one of my faves). I looked at them and thought, these would make great bracelet displays/holders. 

You may have to go out and purchase some of these supplies (or not). I had everything at hand. Yes, my kid was the lucky one growing up. Whatever she needed, for whichever project, it was probably up in my workroom.

First I stuffed the clear tubes with tissue. Yes it is pieces of a sewing pattern. Because I was concerned that the label on the tube would show through the burlap, I took the time to peel/pick it off. That was a waste of time. Don't lose 6 minutes of your life doing this.
I cut the burlap 5" wider than the tube and twice the dimension around. I also cut both pieces from the selvage end of the burlap so that I would have a finished edge on the long side of the bracelet display.
I sprayed both pieces of burlap with the Spray Mount. Do this where you have a drop cloth or over something that you don't care if it gets sticky.
Line up your tube with the edge of the fabric and roll it with equal tension, smoothing the fabric to the tube. 

Crimp the ends with your fingers. You can use anything to tie the ends off. I used some burlap 'threads' to finish the ends off. 

They blended in well. However, you could use a ribbon that coordinates or contrasts with your fabric.

Because the edges were square, I fringed them just a bit and gave them a little of a trim. Didn't I tell you?! Easy Peasy!

And look at how nicely they display these bracelets!

You can see the reverse of one of the rolls and how nicely that selvage edge finished them off.
These will be going to 56 Provisions, York, PA to display some of my Arm Candy that is for sale in the shop.

Post your questions below.
Happy crafting! Liz

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