Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Artfire Cafemom Team - Winner - ME!!!!

Wow, how exciting is that! My eco-friendly face scrubbies were voted #1 in the Earth Day week long contest held on our Artfire Cafemom blog. I also sold a set of the face scrubbies last night - I'm thrilled!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Etsy Day

Here's my truck, with the Etsy sign on the window, outside of Nichol's Hardware Store (best hardware store in Loudoun County)
I showed my Etsy spirit all over western Loudoun today! At Harmony Intermediate School, Loudoun Vet, BB&T and Wachovia Banks, The ReStore, and Blue Ridge Hospice Thrift Shop.

Today is Etsy Day! Etsians all over the globe are celebrating the wonderful world of Etsy by promoting, blogging, tweeting, etc...Join in and support Handmade and Vintage by going to:
and buy something you need here - rather than at the big box stores. There is a world of wonderful things to buy on Etsy and you will be supporting small business all over the globe. Let's keep the economy going by putting our money back in to small businesses, and home based businesses!
A special **shout out** to shugirl of Etsy for the great Etsy 'banner' above!
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