Sunday, April 8, 2012

Vintage Clothing gets an airing

Lights and darks were sorted.  Lights washed first on warm, gentle, and then hung out.  Darks were treated to the same special treatment.
Twice within the past few weeks I have gone over to my friend Jennifer's house to help her start to organize her barn.   She has tons of room to work out there - but because she started her business after they moved into the house - these areas were filled with family stuff - moving boxes, noodles, legos, kinex, soccer balls and net, and other toys that her boys had grown out of.  
While all of this was going on - she was establishing a very successful business selling vintage furniture, home accessories, and hand made items at Old Lucketts Store .  
If you go - her space is on the first floor - from the front doors - go straight ahead, before you go under the buffalo into the big room - go right - the's her space - look for items marked OWL or JDH.   
Needless to say the areas in her barn were also crammed with moving blankets, Christmas  and Halloween, lamps to be rewired, stock for the store (hmmm.... sounds like my place huh??). 

                  Some lovely day dresses, skirts, a maxi dress, and maxi skirt.  FUN!!

A sunny yellow dress from Hawaii, 2 pretty day dresses, and some cute tops.

From the other end...a lovely blouse, 2 day dresses, a crop top, baby dress, groovy hot pink dress, and more.

Just like me - when you are OVER something you  are OVER it!  Jennifer was more than happy to pass along all sorts stuff that she has sold in the past - but was OVER it!  
Well lucky for me - these lovely items were just some of the spoils of my labor.  Of course my daughter and I will try them all on and see what we are going to plunder - the rest will be listed in my vintage Etsy shop - and I will take them to the Luckett's Spring Market.  I also have 2 sets of parsons dining chairs, and some tables to re-do for my space up at It' Bazaar, or to take to the Luckett's Spring Market -  (Take a look at the bottom of the page - two photos of my space from last year show up on the left - #s 7 and 8 down from the top!).

Do you have a favorite piece of vintage clothing?? Share your item below!

More pics later!!
from breezy, sunny, Virginia,
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