Tuesday, June 24, 2014

This time of day

It was after dinner, our tummies were full, the ice cream man might have been by. We had our baths and were snug in our jammie's. This is where the magic starts...
The heat of the summer sun was gone, the sweat & grime washed off our little bodies. Now was the time. We were allowed to go out on the front porch in our jammies.
A breeze would gently blow, the birds were still chirping and chattering back and forth. The light would get just the littlest bit dim & you could see the first of the flashing fireflies.
We would call to our friends who were in their jammie's too and also call to the neighbors. The older kids were back out at play - kick the can, flashlight tag, we would be joining them someday soon. 
The fresh air would fill our lungs, make us yawn, rub our eyes, time for dreamland.

Yes, I still miss my mother,
It was a magical time.
With love, Liz

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