Thursday, July 28, 2011

Etsy Vintage on Tumblr

Wow how cool is this?  I didn't even know Etsy Vintage had a Tumblr page.

Check it out - some of my fondue forks were featured here!

From Drab to Fab!

Entered in MissMustardSeed's Furniture Feature Friday ( to anyone coming from her blog - Welcome!!

My continuing mission to simplify my life - is resulting in a new vision for my sweet 1909 home.  Yes - this is all related to the workroom organization, etc...

I started with the Living Room and the Master Bedroom.  The major work on the Living Room is just getting my jewelry/other crafting items out of there - and up to the workroom.  Some of this has gotten done, but I have put that on hold so that I could make major changes in the Master Bedroom.  My friend Jennifer came down for a few days - and we went to work!  I love the overall look of this room - but it had been in the same basic configuration for 20 years.  I know, I know!  Some of this is because it it a small 1909 home and the room has windows/a door on three walls, and has NO closets.  First we took the two biggest pieces of furniture - the bed and the wardrobe - and moved them into place.  Then we determined that one cupboard would stay - but the two taller chest of drawers had to go. 
 I would have to find a low, 6 or 9 drawer dresser to take their place.  That meant doing a wardrobe overhaul as well (as in making some of my clothes go away - ouch!).  Luckily for me, Jennifer is one versatile girl!
Fortunately, within days of needing a new dresser - I found one at an estate sale for $25.00 (I loved that!).  Ugly - but I saw that it had potential - hence the title of this post - from Drab to Fab!    
Here it is - The top was all scratched and had paint splotches all over it - and the wood  finish was questionable.  It did, however, have dust protectors between each row of drawers, and was well built - even though it was only about 10 years old.  It also had great lines or good bones - very important!!
The 'stuff' on top is just there for now - I am still working on what will stay and go - although I an pretty sure the transferware will stay!
I removed the hardware, washed the dresser inside and out, sanded where I needed to, and then gave it a first coat of paint - I wasn't sure what color I wanted, so I started with a blue/grey.  The second coat was a cream color, ending with the top and base being painted a taupe color - a suggestion by another friend Jennifer Huffman, who sells awesome furniture and other cool stuff at the Old Lucketts Store.  I shabbied it up just a bit, and then gave it a coat of Butcher's Paste Wax.  The hardware was a really ugly color of dark/bright brass so I used a dry brush technique and hit it with the blue/grey paint, and then used the same light touch with the cream color paint.  This whole process, from beginning to end, was done over the course of three days.  So no big deal - Really!
I love the way it looks - and it was definitely worth getting rid of some clothes to trade out 2 dressers for 1!

More photos of the rest of the room soon!  

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nuts and Bolts - and a new computer - finally

Stacks of chenille, a 'tramp art' or 'make do' cupboard built from fruit crates, stacks of plastic drawers filled with trims, yarns, and vintage fabric.
My plans for the All Media Arts Challenge "Nuts and Bolts" had to be shelved due to my attentions wandering on to more pressing matters - such as my work room.  I started setting it up three summers ago.  At the time, I had strayed from much of my handmade work and was uncertain as to the direction I was going to go.  Over the years I have sewn, dried flowers, made wreaths and arrangements, painted, made signs, refinished and finished furniture, knitted, crocheted, poured candles, made jewelry, and I'm sure there must be something I missed!  
Needless to say - all of these activities require a lot of items to keep them 'going'.  I had no idea what to keep and what to pass on.  Three years later I have a better idea of my direction - and the workroom is almost complete!  Much of my supplies are in order and put away, thanks to my daughter, Virginia Theerman "Queen of Organization" and two of her friends Lauren Hunt "Queen of Christmas Balls" and Kristen English "Queen of Ribbon".  I love to be organized - but sometimes in my scattered life, this doesn't always happen - but we're getting close folks!
This means workroom stuff *out of the house* and shop stuff *out of the house* - awesome!  This will come 'hell or high water' by September.
My other task is to get the shop completely organized - I know - I may be going a bit too far - but it's good to have goals!
Cali gives the workroom her seal of approval - finally more than one place to lay down!
Look for me at Purcellville's Town Wide Tag Sale Saturday and Sunday October 8 and 9.  Possibly Friday the 7th too.  I will have tons of amazing stuff for sale!
Courtesy of Ginna my workroom has it's own name - "The Fledgling - where ideas take flight"!
The exterior even got a spruce up!  Fresh white trim and my signature 'aqua' for the siding.
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