Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pleasant Valley Fire Department Saturday Fun

These are photos from last year - This year's event was held this past Saturday - August 7th and was great fun!
The event starts at 9 am and goes until ?  They have a field full of sweet vintage and antique cars, a dozen or so flea market vendors, delicious chicken barbeque and great 'oldies' music piped in over a loudspeaker.
Ginna with her dream car of the moment - "But Mom - it's only $5,500"!  OK - these days that's not a bad price - and what a sweet ride it is!
The flea market area with some fun finds.
Some of the great stuff I found from last year's show - many of which I still have to list And I found even more cool stuff this year!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Makeover at Bittersweet Design Studio

This is currently where my 'to be worked on' furniture is being 'held'.  :( 
The messy beginnings of my tools/supplies area - but hey - at least there is an area!
Shelf installed and filled with autumnal colored items to be added to my Etsy shop.
It has to get worse before it gets better. 
Right - really it does, doesn't it? 
This is the view just a foot or two into the shop, looking towards the back. 
It actually looked worse just a week ago!
A lovely glass and wood display case for displaying beautiful items - however, now it stores shipping supplies.
OOPS!  My shipping counter - which got cluttered up while working on the smaller room of the shop...
I'll fix it, I'll fix it - I promise!!!
The smaller room - where all of the vintage jewelry, purses, shoes, hats and clothes will be, as well as vintage suitcases and other accessories. 
Number 2 clothing rack and shelf in place.  This rack currently holds clothes from my daughter Virginia's 'mid-retail' experience.  Cute stuff that is available for sale and will also be at the Town Wide Tag Sale held in Purcellville, VA the second weekend in October. 
Number 1 clothing rack and shelf in place.  This photo pleases me to no end!  All of the vintage clothing (wait - I have to preface that - the clothing that was already out in the shop) is hung and organized. Some of this is listed on Etsy and some is waiting to be listed.  From left to right:  negligees, outerwear, evening wear, day wear, casual.  

Back to the main room -- A cabinet that I found at My Mother's Closet in Keymar, MD.  Look for a post in the future about how I 'restored' this pretty thing.  It is filled with items that are already listed in my Etsy shop.  

Ten Good Reasons

I am sorry it has been so long... I have been so busy juggling:

1. getting furniture sanded and painted and ready to sell at Everyday Elegance
2. doing the Lucketts Spring Market at The Old Lucketts Antique Store in Lucketts, VA
3. doing the White Elephant Sale at Everyday Elegance in Purcellville, VA
4. all the packing, unpacking and repacking that goes will all of the above
5. entirely reworking the bigger room in my shop by moving the display/checkout counters - to create an honest to goodness shipping area
6. clearing out the front of the shop - to be able to move furniture in and out of the double doors - so I can have a dry place to sand, clean and paint these items
7. getting enough shallow shelving to accomodate all of the 'smalls' I sell on Etsy
8. unpacking, cleaning and displaying all of those 'smalls' on said shelves
9. getting all of the seasonal items packed in boxes and into the little storage room
10. expanding the capabilites of the smaller room (formerly occupied by Moonshine Essentials) by putting up two 5' + clothing rods with shelves above to accomodate all of our vintage clothing, and arranging said clothing - now to be used by both me and V La Mode (formerly M.E.)

We have just finished #10 - and will be going back out to continue working on that room a bit.

I am so excited - I really was beginning to wonder if all of my plans that I had for this space would come to fruition this summer. We are getting so close to this becoming reality at this point I can hardly believe it!

SOOOOOO... Party with me!

CelebraTe ~~~~~ WOOT! ~~~~~ YipPEe! ~~~~ WooHoo! ~~~~

Pictures of the before, during and after will follow in the next post.
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