Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sewing with my Mother

listening to my daughter's music. 

They are both here with me - even though they aren't...
one is gone - 3 months now since she left this world behind, one is away - crafting an incredible and amazing new life.

I listen to the hum of the sewing machine and it is like a cat's purr; comforting, reassuring, reminding me so much of my mother.

I listen to 'Sondre Lerche' Radio on Pandora. Regina Spektor is using her voice in that wonderfully crazy way she has. I see my daughter - sharing time in our shop, doing dishes, getting ready for school, studying - all to her own unique playlist.

They fill my heart, surround me, make me ache, cry and smile.

with love from, Liz

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