Monday, May 28, 2012

The Grand Old Flag

For all of our soldiers, who fought for our freedoms and what our country stands for, from the Revolution to present day.  God Bless the United States of America!!
May you all have a blessed day.

Love, Liz

Monday, May 21, 2012

Lucketts Spring Market Recap

We had two beautiful days - which makes a record - because in all of the years that I have been doing this show it has always rained - at least on Sunday - if not on Saturday at some as well...

jewelry boards, suitcases, and vintage clothing

a long view showing some of the furniture

A close up of my 'Pink Girls'. I had an 'oval' coffee table in the same pink that sold.

A most amazing Hollywood Regency mirror.  It is fabulous!!!

A one drawer table with leaf - off to a happy home  :)  oh the candle holder and a 20/20 board too - bye,bye!

A lovely rose pink chair and ottoman, and a very nice Drexel end table.  They have been installed up at It's Bazaar in Purcellville.

French Provincial desk with book hutch and chair.  A little cluttered with vintage purses...and hankies - oops.  Not my best choice to show off this pretty piece...

Some fun vintage deadstock Spanish rings from the 1970s.  They are just fab!

top shelf: Italian souvenir bracelets from the 70s, cities represented, Venice, Rome, and Verona.
bottom shelf: beautiful Toledo, Spain earrings, and bracelets.

The other side of the tent - two pub tables, great vintage fans, picnic hampers and more!

My lovely neighbors this year were - to the east: SemperStylish ( - it was their first show (wow), and to the west - BlueEggBrownNest (  It was so nice to meet them and share their company for a few days.

A dear friend, Kerri and her mom Carla came from PA to visit and shop - you can see us here:

Many thanks go to Lauren Hunt, my summer helper - who dove right in and endured 'hell week'; my husband Bob who along with Kenny Kopp our nephew, and his friend Dan Powell who provided the muscle; my daughter Virginia Theerman who provided selling help both days, my friend Jennifer Huffman who lent me her 10 x 20 tent and my friend Janis Bell who came out to lend a hand on Saturday.

Some funny stuff to follow,

let me know if you went - and what you enjoyed the most! 
until then, Liz

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A special treat

I am always trying to come up with new ideas to give my customer's a special treat when they travel to see me at a show.  I'm at the Luckett's Spring Market this weekend in the Field of Gold.  This year's treat is a magnet in a little hand stamped muslin bag.  

I also have decided on a new 'tag line' for my business - it use to be "for home, garden, and you".  I have changed it to "for your nest".  This new tag line relates to my logo - the nest - which I have used forever, and to the fact that what I create and hunt is for your nest!  What do you think of the change?

Here are the sweet magnets - they have a super strong neodymium magnet on the back.  This means that - because I made them - they are CUTE, but it also means they are USEFUL.  Yay!

Well you may imagine - after early days and late nights getting ready for this show - that I am exhausted.  Yep - that's me.

I'll give you a sneak peek tomorrow of some of the furniture I have re-loved for the show.

See you then!  Liz

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Saturday Finds

I don't need to shop much these days - I have been very fortunate to have a treasure trove of items to list on Etsy, and to take up to It's Bazaar, and to my upcoming show at the Luckett's Spring Market.
But there are some sales I have a hard time passing up.  Take a look at these pics - and you'll see why!!
 Not a bad haul - and a great range of goodies!!  They are all nestled in a pair of vintage suitcases.
 fabulous fondue forks and a copper fondue pot, some tiny solid brass owls, ducks, angels and a deer, toy sized tea cups, 2 hobnail milk glass votives, and a juicer
 another juicer - the milk glass one is a Sunkist!
 a made in Japan chintzware cup and saucer, a little pipe ashtray, a golf club lighter, some Pyrex bowls, a thermos, set of 4 aluminum canisters - sorry - hands off - Ginna wants these for her kitchen!
 a pair of owls, more Pyrex bowls, a pair of rose decorated little mugs, a Stoke on Trent creamer, 2 figurines, a Vaseline glass salt shaker.
 a set of 4 blue water goblets - aren't they fabulous!?
 4 punches, a whole stack of paper, some stickers, and another paper cutter ( I have 2 already).  What I don't use for cards, I'll sell as supplies in my bittersweetdesign shop.  If there is anything you see here - that you need, before I list them - shoot me a message.

Now off to photograph and list these!
see you soon, Liz

Friday, May 4, 2012

Kentucky Derby Special

To celebrate the weekend of the Kentucky Derby - and to celebrate Bodemeister - who is the favorite - and from my favorite farm AUDLEY FARM - just west of here in Berryville, VA.

For my blog followers - I just wanted to let you know that I am having a Kentucky Derby Special in both my Handmade shop, and my Vintage shop, this weekend.  If you are 'in' either of my shops today through Sunday at midnight - you can search 'Derby'.  You'll find equestrian items that I am offering at a 15% savings.  You can message me before purchase and I'll adjust the price OR I'll refund your account after purchase!

In my vintage shop on Etsy - Missing Heirloom
And the winner is!!!

Too cute leather cowboy boots

I have a number of Walter Farley books available...and other 'horsey' items

and in my handmade shop - bittersweetdesign

some fun cowboy boot earrings
any of the "Pin the Tail on my Donkey" Cards

Raising a glass to Bodemeister - let's hope he wins on Sunday!!
Until then,
ride tall in the saddle, Liz

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vintage Clothing - Hand washed

Of course among the 'pile' of vintage clothing - there are always the items that need to be hand washed.  I finally got to these today.
I hesitate to take items like this to a dry cleaner, and by hand washing them I get to inspect them for any boo-boos.  
I spent the morning hand washing 2 Victorian wool bathing suits, a 1940s taupe jacket and skirt, a 1920s slip dress, a floral pleated skirt, a 1940s fall colored tweed skirt, a 1960s loose weave white and yellow color blocked dress, a 1960s ruffly aqua maxi dress, a pair of 1950s pink and white plaid pants, a 1950s pink and white, checked shift, a half a dozen scarves, a pair of gloves, and gasp! 3 corsets!!

Sorry I haven't been around of late.  I always know that I am at my busiest when my calender is empty - as well as my blog...

See you soon, (she says hopefully) Liz   :)
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