Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pleasant Valley Fire Department Saturday Fun

These are photos from last year - This year's event was held this past Saturday - August 7th and was great fun!
The event starts at 9 am and goes until ?  They have a field full of sweet vintage and antique cars, a dozen or so flea market vendors, delicious chicken barbeque and great 'oldies' music piped in over a loudspeaker.
Ginna with her dream car of the moment - "But Mom - it's only $5,500"!  OK - these days that's not a bad price - and what a sweet ride it is!
The flea market area with some fun finds.
Some of the great stuff I found from last year's show - many of which I still have to list And I found even more cool stuff this year!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Makeover at Bittersweet Design Studio

This is currently where my 'to be worked on' furniture is being 'held'.  :( 
The messy beginnings of my tools/supplies area - but hey - at least there is an area!
Shelf installed and filled with autumnal colored items to be added to my Etsy shop.
It has to get worse before it gets better. 
Right - really it does, doesn't it? 
This is the view just a foot or two into the shop, looking towards the back. 
It actually looked worse just a week ago!
A lovely glass and wood display case for displaying beautiful items - however, now it stores shipping supplies.
OOPS!  My shipping counter - which got cluttered up while working on the smaller room of the shop...
I'll fix it, I'll fix it - I promise!!!
The smaller room - where all of the vintage jewelry, purses, shoes, hats and clothes will be, as well as vintage suitcases and other accessories. 
Number 2 clothing rack and shelf in place.  This rack currently holds clothes from my daughter Virginia's 'mid-retail' experience.  Cute stuff that is available for sale and will also be at the Town Wide Tag Sale held in Purcellville, VA the second weekend in October. 
Number 1 clothing rack and shelf in place.  This photo pleases me to no end!  All of the vintage clothing (wait - I have to preface that - the clothing that was already out in the shop) is hung and organized. Some of this is listed on Etsy and some is waiting to be listed.  From left to right:  negligees, outerwear, evening wear, day wear, casual.  

Back to the main room -- A cabinet that I found at My Mother's Closet in Keymar, MD.  Look for a post in the future about how I 'restored' this pretty thing.  It is filled with items that are already listed in my Etsy shop.  

Ten Good Reasons

I am sorry it has been so long... I have been so busy juggling:

1. getting furniture sanded and painted and ready to sell at Everyday Elegance
2. doing the Lucketts Spring Market at The Old Lucketts Antique Store in Lucketts, VA
3. doing the White Elephant Sale at Everyday Elegance in Purcellville, VA
4. all the packing, unpacking and repacking that goes will all of the above
5. entirely reworking the bigger room in my shop by moving the display/checkout counters - to create an honest to goodness shipping area
6. clearing out the front of the shop - to be able to move furniture in and out of the double doors - so I can have a dry place to sand, clean and paint these items
7. getting enough shallow shelving to accomodate all of the 'smalls' I sell on Etsy
8. unpacking, cleaning and displaying all of those 'smalls' on said shelves
9. getting all of the seasonal items packed in boxes and into the little storage room
10. expanding the capabilites of the smaller room (formerly occupied by Moonshine Essentials) by putting up two 5' + clothing rods with shelves above to accomodate all of our vintage clothing, and arranging said clothing - now to be used by both me and V La Mode (formerly M.E.)

We have just finished #10 - and will be going back out to continue working on that room a bit.

I am so excited - I really was beginning to wonder if all of my plans that I had for this space would come to fruition this summer. We are getting so close to this becoming reality at this point I can hardly believe it!

SOOOOOO... Party with me!

CelebraTe ~~~~~ WOOT! ~~~~~ YipPEe! ~~~~ WooHoo! ~~~~

Pictures of the before, during and after will follow in the next post.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Cupcakes - Cute made Easy

Simple, easy, cute and taste good too! I used Betty Crocker Super Moist Vanilla cake mix - following the directions on the package. I used some cute Easter egg cup cake liners to line my muffin pans. After baking and cooling - I popped open a tub of Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Vanilla icing and got to work. I also had some pastel colored sprinkles on hand, as well as some Peeps, Jelly Belly jelly beans, and some of Brachs malted milk 'bird eggs' for decorating.
Put the icing on each cupcake as you work - don't do all of them ahead, as the icing will 'crust over' slightly and the sprinkles and decorations won't adhere.
Voila! Here is the finished product - ready to grace an Easter or Spring dessert table - and Enjoy!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day Two of the Transformation

Two days - two people and a dog - I would have never thought it possible. The transformation in the barn at Really Great Finds is complete! Of course I could add more - and will - but this is a great start!After the paint dried...We starting moving in furniture.
Our rescue dog Cali helped out both days. When she wasn't following us back and forth and up and down the stairs, she cuddled up on her bed by the heater.

A little further along - with a dining table and chairs, little red, kitchen cupboard, end table, and a large wood framed vintage mirror.

A corner of the room with a closer look at a great 1950s mod pink and grey tea or coffee set.

The cutest red hutch! Perfect in a cozy kitchen, dining room, or even the family room!

Cozy corner with some of my hand painted signs, a 1930s green painted one drawer table and more.

A beautiful silhouette of a bed with coordinating nightstand - vintage 1960s Ethan Allen.

My handmade 100% cotton cloths paired with yummy soaps - private labeled for me by Dick and Julie at The Parsonage.
So there it is - Fresh, bright and pretty - just in time for Spring - a breath of fresh air and new beginnings!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Clean Slate at Really Great Finds

Here's the latest news from Bittersweet Design Studio at Really Great Finds:
I am moving from the Garden Room in the big house - out to the upstairs back room in the barn. My husband Bob, pictured below, graciously painted the back and side walls (Sherwin Williams paint - color - Aqueduct), as well as the floor ($5.00 gallon of paint - Sand color - from the Re-Store - Habitat for Humanity's retail store in Purcellville). So here it is - a Clean Slate - just waiting for goodies from Bittersweet Design Studio. We will be moving in some furniture and smalls tomorrow. Donna Horton - who has tons of cool vintage stuff will be moving most of her goodies from the barn into the house.
Check back here tomorrow - we'll have more pics of our work in progress!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

French Provincial Bedroom Furniture from Bittersweet Design Studio at Really Great Finds

Vintage 1960s Bassett French Provincial Bedroom Set

Included in this newly repainted set are: a bed, chest of drawers, dresser, mirror, and night stand. Also available - a slightly newer (late 1960s!) coordinating desk. Dressing the bed and also for sale - two Pottery Barn toile shams and a spread, and an awesome 1960s/70s vintage flower power, spring/summer bedspread. Interested? Contact me for prices!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Love is in the air

Love Is In The Air from Betty's Blog - a 'too cute' blog full of recipes and visual goodness. Betty's was sweet to feature one of my vintage necklaces (above) along with some other wonderful items for Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

'Breakin' Up is Hard to Do Open House'

'Breakin' Up is Hard to Do Open House'
Fri. and Sat. Feb. 12th and 13th
12 noon to 5 pm both days

We are going ahead with the final open house at our Paeonian Springs shop this weekend despite the snowfall!
Wear comfy clothes and warm shoes.
There will be limited parking in the plowed, but snowy lane out in front of the shop.
Please pardon the French Provincial Bassett furniture in front of the shop tomorrow - it's on the way to create a little girl's room over at Really Great Finds in Purcellville.
We hope you are able to stop by!
Elizabeth and Virginia

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Breakin' Up is Hard to Do

Breakin' Up is Hard to Do Open House
Bittersweet Design Studio
Moonshine Essentials/VLaMode
Friday and Saturday February 12 and 13
12 noon to 5 pm both days
After this open house... we will be taking our some of our shop space and turning it into studio space and also enlarging our internet shipping area.
THIS open house may likely be our LAST for some time to come.
See our cool stuff on the web at:
and also in person (upstairs in the barn):
Really Great Finds
600 East Main Street Purcellville, VA
Do you want to stay in touch? Go to:
and sign up to receive our email newsletter.
We'll let you know what we're up to!
Included in the newsletter will be our schedule of shows and events, possibly our latest creations, maybe some fun vintage finds, who knows?!
Also - as always - we will be happy to open our little shop for you by appointment. You can come yourself or bring a group (we'll have a little party!) and have a lot of fun. We'll have refreshments - food and drink for you and you can have fun shopping - in peace and quiet - or with your girlfriends.
To do this call: 540-882-4175
Just FYI - we have had 30" of snow! However we are dug out and will be
parking will be limited and please wear sensible footwear - we are out in the country after all...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pin the Tail on My Donkey Happy Birthday Card

I spent the other day making more of my Donkey birthday cards. They have been relatively popular on Etsy and have sold well at Really Great Finds also.

We took this photo of Donkey for our Trulinos Family Reunion a few years ago. We had him enlarged and laminated at Staples and then printed out a whole bunch of tails. The kids had such a great time playing 'pin (tape, actually) the tail on the donkey' with a real donkey.

He is just so cute. Needless to say this is a photo of him in the summertime. Right now he is a shaggy little beastie - warm and fuzzy with his winter fur.
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