Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sometimes it is all about the shoes

We had a picnic to go to today and I wore a particular pair of sandals because I thought a vintage partner in crime - Holly - was going to be there. I wanted her to see me wearing them - because these were her Mom's.

 I saw both pairs in her space at the Loyalty Red Barn Tag Sale - yes there were two different pairs - the other ones are white - lucky me!! And of course I had to have both pairs.
Oh anyway... so, I picked my outfit by starting with these fabulous sandals.

I was recently in New York City and just down the street from the job I was working on is the Lexington Saree Palace. Suffice it to say, I did not stop with the tunic above...
I know, my daughter would say "But mom, it's not the same color purple - The sandals have more blue in them and the tunic has more red" - I hear ya honey - but do you see me with my fingers in my ears - "lalallalala I can't HEAR you". Besides - the two were separated by a pair of off white linen pants. So. There.
Of course then I had to accessorize - out comes my new pile of arm candy - some of my latest bracelet designs AKA Bohemian Bling.

L to R: Rhinestone bracelet made with silk Sari yarn, Serene Buddha stretch bracelet is made with amazonite beads, purple quartz toggle bracelet with a few small charms - yes that top charm does say "I love shoes". The Sari yarn bracelet ends with two heavy silver beads and closes by twisting around the opposite braided strand. I am having a blast making all of these and adding styles as I go.

I found the Sari yarn in an antique mall and I could not pass it up - it was just too gorgeous!
The beauty about these bracelets is that you can just keep adding more. 

On my other wrist - L to R: dark pink vintage rhinestone bracelet I found at It's Bazaar, a linen cord and silver nugget bracelet - thrifting in NYC, and the braided curb chain/Sari silk bracelet, Pier One. 

The food and company at the picnic was great - my husband said that the grabber was the invite - Pig Roast and Meatfest - a sure way to get guys to come. Unfortunately Holly couldn't make it - but I wanted her to see - that sometimes it really is all about the shoes!

until later, xo, Liz

Sunday, May 19, 2013

All over for another year Lucketts Spring Market Day 2

All buttoned up - fortunate that I only live miles away from Lucketts - we closed up the tent and will pack out tomorrow. After a long weekend - this is a wonderful thing, not having to deal with all the very tired vendors, the  to-ing and fro-ing of trucks, etc...

 Unfortunately, threatening weather, gray and gloomy, kept the crowds down. I will have to say I would have better enjoyed music that was 'sunny' and upbeat today - but the music the band played was more suited to a 10pm quiet bar crowd - or even a spa - I could have fallen asleep getting a massage...
Lucky for me - my friend Joanie brightened the day! She stopped by and we wandered and shopped while Lauren watched the booth.

Some goodies under my tent - my new line of jewelry - Bohemian Bling and the clothing rounder overflowing with fabulous vintage clothing. Sales today consisted entirely of jewelry and vintage clothing.

A sweet side chair and the 'Princess' settee. I created these pieces for 'myself ', then for the Gateway Gallery, then for Lucketts. 

My mannequin family - staying out of the rain today. Berthe on the left, Shirley in the red violet gown, and Bob in front. Elmira is hiding behind Shirley - I didn't realize she was camera shy!

Our favorite plant guys - Steve Ritz is along for the 'fun'... Paul Roomsburg is head plant guy at Valley View Greenhouses. When it's quiet at Lucketts, Steve takes out his guitar and Paul takes out his fiddle and they treat us to some great old time music. Bob comes under guise of helping me - but he really just wants to hang with Paul and Steve.
Suzanne and I got to visit two different times today - in the morning and then at the end of the day. Here we are clowning with my vintage umbrellas. 
 We were both thinking dueling Magritte here...
I always have a great time at this market - and even manage to find some fun goodies. I'll blog about them in the next few days. For now - it's time for my weekend to start! Oh wait - that'll be late Monday afternoon - after we pack out of here...

Glad I can tuck this one under my belt for the year. 
Yes, I am already planning for the next show -  the White Elephant in Purcellville - June 7,8 & 9.
Hope to see you there!
xo, Liz

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lucketts Spring Market Day One

Just a quick post...

These ladies made the end of our day! 

The shoppers seemed lighter than normal this year - perhaps it was the hint of rainy weather to come? The day started with rain - but cleared up enough to get things set out - later than I would have liked - but what's a girl to do??
The rain came in around 2:30/3:00 and pretty much cleared the fields - to be expected, but much to our disappointment - but what's a girl to do? We took some time to better organize the rounder of vintage clothing - as well as try to get some of the pieces priced. 
My pitch for the day had been "The good news is - all of the clothing is clean and here - the bad news is that most of it is un-priced - so you will have to ask". 
The ladies above stuck it out through the rain and came shopping at our booth as we were closing up. I wouldn't have thought of turning them away - we had a great time - they had fun trying on hats and a few pieces of clothing - and even went away with some goodies. Thank you for ending the day on a high note ladies! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bittersweet Design Studio at Lucketts Spring Market

It's here again - where did the year go?!
 Getting ready for the show this year held a new twist for me. Instead of redoing tons of furniture
 we were hand washing tons of vintage clothing!
 After we solved the usual ?what piece goes where? the tent went up (I wrote the instructions down this time...) Lots of goodies are now
 all buttoned up inside and await our touch tomorrow.
The Mannequin family came along - that's Bob snuggling Shirley - Berthe and Elmira are just out of the picture to the right - as is Matilda.
 an entire rounder *squee* of vintage clothing - so much - that the lingerie had to move to a T rack!
My fabulous crew - Kristen English, my hubby Bob, Lauren Hunt, Kenny Kopp, and Sydney Francis.
Wanna see me??? The Spring Market runs from 10 - 5 both Saturday and Sunday. I will have my new pile o' arm candy - Bohemian Bling

A fabulous combination of Uptown/Downtown Friendship bracelets, Beaded bracelets, and Vintage bracelets

Just in time for all those arm baring styles of summer - but also my favorite sleeve length - the bracelet length!
Bare it all - but accessorize with Bohemian Bling - Vintage funk with an Uptown flair!
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