Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vintage Jewelry anyone? Earrings to be Specific

I always seem to sell jewelry at the shows that I do - which these days, you can probably count on one hand.  I am continually drawn to vintage jewelry.  I always wonder - who wore it? to where? who gave it to them? was it for an anniversary? lots of wondering.  

I have just started selling some of my vintage jewelry up at It's Bazaar on 21st Street in Purcellville, VA.  I have sold it on line for a few years now - but I never really listed very much; and I was not allowed to sell it at Everyday Elegance, where I consign some of my items, because they already had a jewelry person.

This caused me to have quite the 'back up' of vintage lovelies.  I have shown you these jewelry boxes before.  This was the beginning of my 'jewelry sorting chore' in the living room.  Believe it or not - the boxes were over flowing by the time I was finished.

So far, all of the necklaces have been priced, the brooches are in process - wow - were there a lot of them!, and the earrings are about halfway finished.  I am through the ROY G BIV part.  Now I have to move on to the white, cream, brown, black, gold, silver part.  Can I call that WCB BGS?  :)
Here is the ROY G BIV part:
The screen the earrings are hanging on measures 3' tall x 18" wide.

 Before, when I put the earrings on cards, I used leftover postcards from my open houses.  Because I didn't have a ton of earrings - having the cards mismatched didn't seem to really matter.
 But I knew, when I went to display all of these earrings together - it was time to make it look cohesive.  This would make sure that when you look at the display - the earrings would catch your attention - and not the various bits of miscellaneous card stock.  Well OK - hopefully now the entire display is attention getting as well!  My daughter says it makes her happy :)
For my templates, I took two pieces of 8.5" x 11" paper and folded them.  The first was folded to create 12 sections; 4 across the 11" length, and 3 down the 8.5" dimension.  This size card would be for the larger earrings.  Then I folded the second piece to create 16 sections.  This would be for the smaller size earrings.  Then I used the dimensions for both cards, and I transferred them to another sheet of paper.  One half would have markings for 6 of the larger cards, the other - 8 of the smaller cards.  
Then, I took one of my tiny alphabet stamps and spelled out VINTAGE up the left hand side of each earring card template, and stamped 'screwbacks' or 'clip ons' across the bottom.  This way some one can immediately identify what type of earring it is.  Because you know - we all have our preferences  :)

This jewelry display is kind of neat because the earrings shown here span nearly a century.  We are pretty sure that the fabulous red and brass dangles in the upper left corner are late Victorian; and those round purple earrings - third row up from the bottom - 4th from the left - are all 1980s!  The price range is very wide as well. 

The other side of the screen will have the WCB BGS color range - when I get them on on cards and priced (that'll be tonight - right?).  Then they will be ready to sell at the Purcellville Town Wide Tag Sale, next weekend.  I will be at 311 South Maple Street - You might recognize this sign from a few years ago: 

We'll have the sign out once more - so look for it on the right side of the road as you go south on Maple Avenue.  Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pin and Tuck Message Boards

I have been busy every minute of the day pricing and getting ready for the Purcellville Town Wide Tag Sale.  But in the meantime here are some photos of another style of message board that I have created.  
They are called 'Pin and Tuck'.  
You can use push pins to tack notes/photos on the board and tuck the same under the ribbon along the edges. 
This one is made from a contemporary fabric in a pale sage/blue with brown.  Birds accent the corners, buttons and tacks run the length of the ribbon in between.

This one was made from a damaged, vintage kitchen tablecloth.  I love the color in this one - it is so bright and cheery!

This board is covered in a piece of fabric that looks like Blue Willow china.

I love the fabric on this board.  I have a self designed garden smock made from this fabric.  The vintage buttons are decorative and functional.  They hold the ribbon tight - so you can 'tuck' your photos and notes under it.

And last but not least, the MOD message board.  I thought of my brother when I made this because his favorite color is orange.  This is some groovy 1970s fabric, isn't it?

Until later, Enjoy!  Liz

Friday, September 23, 2011

MOO Cards and Stickers

I just took advantage of an offer by the company MOO the other day. 
 Through an Etsy and MOO combined promotion you could get a set of 50 free business cards.  The only catch - Etsy and Moo's branding is on there as well.  But no big deal! 
 Okay the other catch - is that I also bought 2 different sizes of stickers.
But really there is no catch!  These are fabulous!!  You can upload any amount of your own fabulous photographs and have them made into:

Business Cards!  Fabulous! The paper is sustainably sourced and has a smooth matte laminate finish.  And printed on both sides  :)

Stickers - these round ones measure 1.5"  I think I chose about 15 images for these...I purchased a set of 104.

These measure 7/8" - I purchased one book that holds 90 stickers. I will use these for 'branding'.  I will probably make magnets with these and include them with my Etsy sales on bittersweetdesign and MissingHeirloom.

The cost - I thought very reasonable at about $30.00.  I received them in about a weeks time.  I am a very happy customer.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Bluemont Fair and a Bee

Bob and I went out to the Bluemont Fair this past Sunday to enjoy some time together, shop a little, and eat some great barbeque.
Shopping included:
Handmade goods - however - at 50 neither of us needs anything...
rummaging through the Antiques area - much smaller than when I did the fair 15+ years ago,
into the E.E.Lake General Store for Baked Goods - Bob always needs baked goods...
trying to buy some Local Honey - fail - too many people taste testing
the Plant Shed - hey I need new Lavender Plants!
and the Round Hill United Methodist Church for lunch.
What we found:  Bob picked up these two Almanacs for $5.00 each - one is from 1935, the other from 1942.  How cool is that?
 OKAY - I was really good and didn't look at any jewelry - until I saw the $1.00 basket.  I found a stunner buckle with rhinestones and pearls, a red, white and blue arrow pin, a leaf and pearl choker, and two pieces I will take apart for my making my new line of bracelets 'Betty Ann's Jewel Box Bracelets'.

Lunch from RHUMC was delicious as usual - North Carolina (my Fav) barbeque on a bun, coleslaw, baked beans, and apple crisp, and a water.  This is where the Bee comes in...  I was enjoying the apple crisp when this little fellow flies up and says"I wants me some!"  I shoo him away - and in the shooing - the air current knocks him right down into the syrupy morass.  
UGH!  There are only a VERY few bugs I kill - these little guys are not on the list!  I fish him out, put him into one of the other compartments on my 'dish' and put a little water on him, trying not to drown the little guy.  His antennae curl up, his legs curl up, Bob says "He's dead".  I think maybe he is just trying to recover...and hope.  We gather our trash, I close the bee up safely in a napkin and we go back to the truck.  I leave him laying on the napkin, on the seat, in the sun.  Bob says "He's dead".  On our drive home - Bob says  many times "He's dead".  
We drive to Purcellville to see if anything is happening with my new intsallation of vintage jewelry at It's Bazaar.  Back at the truck, Mr. Bee is still curled up and still.  Bob says "He's dead".  I keep hoping...  We discuss what we are going to do the rest of the day, if we are eating dinner (ok - if I am eating dinner - and what I am making for Bob).  
As we pull up into the drive, I look down and what do I see?  Mr. Bee - moving. :)  I exclaim "He's alive"!  Bob is amazed.  Mr Bee is shaking his wings dry, stumbling around a little and getting his bearings.  I am happy.  I wrap him up in the napkin, carry him to the garden and weight down the napkin so he can hide underneath and recover.  My little victory :))  

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sparkly Crystals never look a gift horse in the mouth

One of my Mom's friends who once made jewelry, decided she wasn't going to any more.  She knew that I made jewelry and so very sweetly gave me this stash of beads stored in a Tupperware container.  I had no idea what I was going to do with it.  Two boxes of gold and silver backed crystals in all colors and sizes, plastic pearl rosary chain, googly eyes, loose plastic pearls - no hole, gold colored ice pick bails and spring clasps.  If you know me - not much of that sounds like me.  However - again - if you know me - you know I'll probably hang on to it for a while.
Eventually I'll find a use for it.  And I have.

These are some fabulous Christmas pins - some were missing crystal rhinestones - well whaddya know!  I have some of those!!

Here's that little treasure trove.  I have gone to this box, more often than not, to match a pearl or a crystal for a brooch, bracelet, earring - you name it!  I have yet to have to go to our local Ben Franklin, Michael's, or Jo Ann's and buy crystals - which are pricey by the way - especially when you may only need one - of a certain color or size. 
Thank You Dolores!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Power of Three:

Three Girls, Three Rooms, Three Hundred Dollars.  
This is a story about the Power of Three.  
About new beginnings, friendship, and a short stretch of hard work.  
What it equals = change, some peace, and lots and lots of love.  
Jennifer and I have known each other since I dated her brother in college.  She was 11 years old at the time, and I was the object of her affection.  She is the youngest of his 3 siblings, and when he and I parted ways - she was determined to hold on - and I am so glad she did.    We are no longer friends - we are sisters.    
Jennifer has lived in her home for about ten years.  She had done a lot of work on the house already - but there were rooms that had yet to be done.  This is an adorable 1950's house.  The living room, dining room, and kitchen have been redone.  But the bathroom, den, and upstairs dormer-ed bedroom still needed attention.
She had spent the summer away - and when she returned - it was time...
Off to Sherwin Williams to find some paint colors - and a call to me that said "Too many color choices - I have them narrowed down but I'm not sure I can have the paint ready - because I'm not sure which colors to go with"!
DAY 1:
The chips were taped all over the den and bathroom walls when Ginna (my daughter) and I arrived, around 11 am on Wednesday morning.  Perfect!  We chose wall colors for each of the rooms, and a ceiling color for the den and bathroom.  After our color decisions were made - we went to Sherwin Williams to buy the paint and necessary supplies.  Then off to the grocery to buy lunch and breakfast food, back home again for lunch - and then to get started!!!   
   The bedroom was a dark cornmeal color - it was the deadest yellow I have ever seen in all of my designing days.  Who knows how long it had been on the walls.  It didn't reflect one ounce of light!  You can see it here on the right.  It didn't photograph quite true to color - but close...      
At opposite corners of the room, knotty pine closets had been built.  Very functional, but they stuck out like a sore thumb.  The top layer of flooring is a 9" x 9" tile - we believe there is heartwood pine underneath.  We'll deal with that another day.
We started with the walls.  Be forewarned - I am NOT a taper.  Don't even show me that blue stuff.  When I get ready to paint  - I want to paint!  We threw some drop cloths over the bed, the antique dresser was safe over in the other corner - it would be a while until we got over there.
The color we chose for this room - Watery SW6478 in a satin finish.  The white trim is the SW stock white in a semi gloss.  I am a die hard Duration fan for house, wall and trim paint.  It was the first of the paints on the market 8 or 9 years ago (they actually call it a 'coating') to have primer already in it.  It is marvelous.  
Yes - we painted wood - ack!!  Sorry for those of you who don't like painted wood - sometimes a girl's gotta do what girl's gotta do!  It took three coats of our trim color SW stock semi gloss white to cover the knotty pine.  This is coat number two.  I did the cutting in of the wall color, and painted the trim work.  Ginna and Jennifer were the super rollers for the day - 2 coats of paint turned those drab walls into fab walls.  
*** Just FYI - as much as you may be tempted - don't stop at one coat of paint for your walls.  No matter what color you are covering - the new color you chose, will have so much more depth and be so much richer, when you do coat number two.***  It also goes on faster than the first coat - no kidding!
Okay - isn't this just the prettiest thing??  Turn on the ocean sound from your white noise machine and you would think you were beach side!  I'll show more photos when we put the finishing touches on the room.  We finished this about 11:30 pm - not bad considering we didn't start until around 2 that afternoon!

DAY 2: 
We were on a mission this morning - we wanted to get at least one coat of paint on the ceiling in the den before our 9 am. 'appointment' to surprise my Mom at crafts.  Every Thursday from April through November, the 'craft' ladies meet at St. Mary's Church.  They will hold their Christmas Bazaar this November on Saturday the 12th from 8 to 5 and Sunday the 13th from 8 to 1.  It's the best!  We had to get moving - we were going to spend our next three hours being creative with the crafty stuff!
 The den was a painted a pale peach color.  It didn't have a lot of personality - and felt 'cold'.
Our colors du jour in the den are Recycled Glass  SW 7747 for the walls and Snowbound SW 7004 for the ceiling.  This is a great white - it is not too white - but it really isn't pink, gray or yellow.  The same trim white that we used upstairs was used in this room too.
While we were painting, Jennifer was clearing items out of the bathroom.  Ginna was a brave soldier and started to roll the ceiling - my job - start 'cutting in' again.  Then it was off to 'crafts'.  It was great fun surprising my Mom.  I helped her decorate a candelabra, and created a forest scene with some tiny deer and a tree.  Ginna made a gilded wreath and an arrangement.  Jennifer folded pages in a book and just soaked up some craftiness.
Jen doesn't know this - but we painted some some love on her wall...with a teddy bear  :)

 Here it is - we need some more furniture in here - but the color is lovely!
 These pictures were originally up in the bedroom - as was the black cupboard.  We were busy shifting furniture all over the house!  Nothing was safe.
The bathroom  is quintessential 50s.  The wall tile is a pink that has the slightest bit of peach tint.  Some of the tiles have a 'doily' or 'spirograph' pattern on them.  Adorable!  Jen's dream was to paint the walls a chocolate brown - I seconded the motion.
We took the shelves out of this shallow 'closet' to make it easier to paint.  Jen had taken the door off years ago - a great space saving idea for a small room!

Time to clean up and go out for a LATE dinner at The White Rose downtown.  We were going to meet my friend Kerri.  Our 'perk' for all of our hard work today.   Good food, good friends and laughter.  The perfect end to a day filled with accomplishments! 

Up early - coffee and a quick bowl of cereal.  We did a second coat on all of the brown, finished trimming out the white, and painted the ceiling.
The color we used here is Cobble Brown SW 6082.  We tried for a pale pink for the ceiling - but it had too much blue in it.  So we went with the Snowbound in here too.  The trim is the semi gloss stock white that we used in the other two rooms.  

 We have plans for brown and pink towels.  As you can see in the shallow closet - we are working on a vintage pottery collection in pink and white to hold all those bathroom necessities!

We also rearranged the living room, shifted some furniture in the dining room, and reorganized Jen's candle collection - which was quite a task all in itself  ;)

We still have finishing touches to put here and there - but the bulk of the work is done.  It just goes to show what you can do with a little help from your friends!  Oops - sisters!  ;0

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Self Employed Antiques Dealer

This IS a cautionary tale...
When I opened my shop years ago (1993) and started having open houses, many of the women who would come by to shop, thought that what I was doing was so 'dreamy'.  In many ways (that fall under the heading - A LOT of HARD WORK) it is 'dreamy'.  In a very disciplined way.  Some of them even followed me in to business - one started her own pick your own flower business on her farm and another bought a clothing and home decor store.  

I thought for those of you interested, that I would give you a glimpse into one of the types of days that have.  
The BUYING day:
4:30 am - get up and get ready to go - make coffee, have breakfast and get out the door by 5:00 am or so - because it is a 2 hour + trip to your buying destination.  Pack some snacks, and the rest of the coffee - we'll need that on the way!  Today my sweet husband has decided to forgo his plans, offered to drive, and help me shop.  Our Pit Bull mix rescue dog Cali, rides in between us - her happy place. Luckily - I have purchased vintage stuff from Roxann before - so I know she'll have something for me to choose from.  Otherwise - it's a crap shoot!
7:30 am arrive at destination.  Start looking around, picking things up, and examining them.  I have gotten to the point in my buying, that I only buy items that are in perfect shape (although I do slip up now and then).  There, of course, is always an exclusion to the rule.  If I know I can fix something, have the part (I just might!), or feel that it is rare enough to justify the purchase - then these guidelines over rule 'perfect'.
9:30 am this is what I have found so far.  There are things I am absolute about - and others not quite so sure.
My friend Jennifer - that we hooked up with along the way - happened to 'touch' the fish sign, as well as the turquoise bowl in a curious sort of way - I snapped them up immediately.  
PLEASE NOTE - I did not steal them out from under her.  She was there just for the company and the fun of it.  And she probably thought they were hideous  :)  I have long discovered that there is plenty of stuff out there for all of us - if someone wants it - go right ahead!  The Icehouse sign was 'picked' by my husband - not a beer drinker - he probably liked the scene - he loves the cold!  No, really, he knew it would be a cool addition to some man cave somewhere.  The beige table down in front - I hemmed and hawed a bit over.  I have enough to fix right now - but you can never argue with good bones.  So - it will need a GOOD sanding, and then a paint job.  Let's take a closer look at what else is on the table here.

From the top left: 2 white vintage planters -perfect for organizing stuff on your desk, a bowling 'trophy' bottle stopper, the fish sign - from a carnival, a bear and beehive honey pot, a Kodak Brownie camera and case - in mint condition, rooster salt and pepper shakers,  a big golf ball - we'll look at that closer in a minute..., The umbrella - a Disney piece from the 1960s - Donald Duck is the handle.
back over to the left: some plastic picnic dishes, a jigger and cups from a travel bar, NOS (new, old stock) set of spoons, two different kinds of toy blocks - one kind my husband remembers playing with, the other has snaps all over them - to connect them to each other - way cute!  
On the far right: A bunch of fabulous bronze pieces - way cool!  These were from a jewelry store that had closed.  Very old - they once had the ever popular pocket watch dangling from them!  below that - some wonderful childrens' pots and pans.

as for that golf ball - well lookie there!  It's the 19th hole.  How kitsch is this???
On the little table I was dithering over:
A fabulous black floral carpet bag and white carpet bag change purse, a baby sweater and handmade flannel slip, the 1970s bowl - with a mink and ribbon hat - would make a great 'spider' fascinator for Halloween!  I may have to play with carpet bag for a while - we'll see.  It is pretty wonderful.

Other picks that have already been put in place up at It's Bazaar:
The hat rack was getting empty - so I added the peacock blue Peter Pan hat, the purple cloche, and the wool hounds-tooth.
 Three fabulous picnic hampers - ready for your fall picnic or tailgating party  :)

Two bedroom pieces - a little bit french provincial - one a dresser, one a chest of drawers - there is also a mirror - not shown here.  These I added 'as found' - They have great lines, but I am passing them on at a lesser price.  Take one home and use it - or have fun with it and paint it up differently!

10:00 am OK - now let's get back to my day...  The furniture goes into the truck bed - we hear rumbling in the distance - hmmm...  The rest of the smaller items get packed into the picnic hampers and these get loaded into the back seat - I have a crew cab truck - these fold down seats get used quite a bit.  
Bob and I go back and forth a minute on how this will all be paid for, and finally Roxann gets a check, and some cash.  We say goodbye to Jennifer - it was great to see her if only briefly!  We take a different route home - very pretty and scenic.  We're still hearing thunder as we drive along and decide it would be a good idea to get the tarp and bungees out to cover the furniture in back.  Good thing - because as soon as we do - it starts to rain.  The rain follows us the whole way home.  Honestly, how many times does a weather front go from NE to SW??  Really?
12:30 pm Once at home - I unload the picnic hampers on to the front porch.  Time for some lunch!  After lunch I start washing everything, and going over it with a 'fine tooth comb'.  
3:50 pm  Time to start thinking about dinner - boy am I ready to sit down!

The next day we unload the furniture onto the porch. Thanks in big part to the flooding tropical storm, Lee, that is making it rainy all over the East Coast.  I think I am going to repaint the blue pieces - but I change my mind.  We re-load them back into the truck - No, Bob doesn't mind - isn't he the greatest?!  and helps me unload them, putting them in to place at It's Bazaar.  On Thursday I manage to get some suitcases, the picnic hampers, hats and some other smalls, packed up to take to It's Bazaar.  Bill, the owner, gives me some good news - the gold 1880s sofa in the background behind the picnic hampers sold the day before.  YAY - this is good - because I have had this piece since mid May (which reminds me about another "Day in the Life" post I could do...)  I spend 5 hours, pricing and arranging these 'new' finds.  All done, time to go home! 

My DAY summarized:
Up at 4:30 am - finally 'done' around the same time that afternoon - 12 hour day.  But wait, there were two of us.  So that makes for even more man hours.  And we haven't even taken into account moving the furniture into place, (have't cleaned that yet either), pricing, etc...  
Did I make any money today? - NO
Did I spend any money today? YES
And more money - This truck costs a lot in gas these days - the bright spot was that we filled up at $3.49 a gallon - cheaper than it is where we live. Not to say I don't love my Crew Cab Chevy Silverado - I do!  But she is an expensive habit.
The rest of my purchases are sitting on the kitchen table - most of them waiting to be photographed and listed in my Missing Heirloom shop on Etsy.  

So there you have it.  Just one of my days.  Now it's up for you to decide. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Project 900 Sq.Ft. purging and organizing

Soooo...  at the beginning of the summer, my workroom organization, which was desperately needed - spurred me on to greater projects.

I have lived in my 900+ square foot house for over 20 years.  I love my house - and had lovingly restored it when I purchased it in 1988; but I admit willingly, it has suffered at my own hands.  (un)Fortunately I am in the business of creating things - and buying vintage to resell.  I love what I do - but until I was recently able to claim my workroom space - I have always marginalized my work area.  Of course my work, and my resell stuff eventually took over the inside of the house.  It wasn't what I wanted to have happen - but it happened anyway.
I started my business, Bittersweet Design Studio so that when I was fortunate enough to have children, I could be a stay at home mom.   
Life was busy - I had a little girl, a house to take care of, and I had my own business: 
I had to get things made - wreaths, arrangements, and more, wash and iron vintage linens, wash vintage dishes, and other home decor and price all of the above.  And I only had my little house to do it in.  Poor house  :(

So this is where I stand at summer's end. 

Upstairs: I started with my bedroom - I needed to get rid of the clutter and I wanted it to be a restful and serene room.  I still loved my curtains, bedspread, etc...  So my friend Jennifer helped me rearrange it.  Not one piece of furniture is in the same place - and some has gone away!

My beautifully restored Civil War Era bed - with Pottery Barn shams and quilt.  The bed was left behind - intentionally, by the seller of a house my Mother bought in 1973.  He had plans to restore it, never did and asked if it was OK that he leave it behind.  We took it with us when we moved 4 years later, and then 8 years later I stripped and restored it while I was home on Spring break while pursuing my Master's degree in Public History/Historic Preservation at WVU.  The quilt is hiding under a pretty Ralph Lauren sheet - because I do have pets - and they go where they want!  
 I've showed this space before - Bob's collection of goodies sits in this cubby. 
This is his 'dresser'.  It is an antique base to a stepback cupboard.  It was tossed out to a barn or shed and forgotten.  I purchased it at an auction in Pennsylvania in the early 1990s, and brought it home in the back of my Toyota Tercel.  You should have seen the bevy of 'Old Men' watching me as I slid it in the back of my car.  I think they thought I was crazy, they probably had odds going against me that it would go in! I first used it as a changing table for my daughter - over 17 years ago.  At one time it was a 'fine' piece.  The wood had all been hand painted in a wood grain pattern - and was beautiful.  Unfortunately time, weather and rodents ravaged it.  I painted the cabinet, scraped what I could in the way of white paint off of the doors, left the drawers alone - because you could still see the graining there.  It had no back to it - it must have been a built-in - so I also added bead board to close it off.  A bit of work, but well worth it with the use it has had over the years.  I think I paid $18.00 for it - even better!  More of Bob's toys sit on the dresser. 

The top of our wardrobe displayed with antique luggage.  The wonderful leather one was purchased at the St. James Rummage Sale a million years ago - for $1.00.  The hat boxes hold my summer and winter hats.

We had two other dressers in the room - and they had to go.  There just wasn't enough room.  Not only did I get rid of things I didn't need - I also downsized - just for the sake of it.
My daughter took the one dresser - and this one will go too.  I will be painting it and putting it into my space at It's Bazaar in Purcellville.

I traded both of them for this one - and I am so happy I did!  See this post to find out what it looked like when I bought it:  Also - you can see here what I edited my transferware collection to.  One milk glass 'goblet' holds manicure items, tweezers, etc... - the wonderful vintage Lucite purse holds my nail polish.  Three milk glass compotes on the right hold my vintage bangle collection.  I kept the red transferware pieces - a lid less sugar bowl for a candle holder, and two small dishes - a heart one from my dear friend Patty, and a pin dish.  These can hold jewelry until I put it away :)  Oh and the pink dish in the middle?  My grandmother gave it to me as a little girl.  We lived a block away from my grandparents - and one time when I had walked up to see them, she sent me home with this dish and a quarter.  I couldn't tell you what happened to the quarter - but I still have the dresser tray!   
All of this work also made my daughter want to change her room too.  We pulled the wardrobe off of the back wall and into the room.  The dresser she took from me is in it's place.
We recovered her desk chair, and she spray painted her 'valet' chair, and we recovered that seat too!
Downstairs in the Living Room:

Some of the remainder of the Living Room chaos.  Between making jewelry out of new stuff, out of vintage stuff, selling vintage jewelry, and fixing vintage jewelry - there is a lot of stuff to sort! 

Necklaces sorted in the first, earrings sorted in the middle, brooches, single shoe clips and rings sorted in the third.

We got all of the non jewelry areas cleaned up and 'edited'.   Some of my favorite things are on top of this amazing antique cupboard - all keepers!  

So there we are...  not done yet - but very close.  Stay tuned - and I'll show you more!
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