Sunday, May 19, 2013

All over for another year Lucketts Spring Market Day 2

All buttoned up - fortunate that I only live miles away from Lucketts - we closed up the tent and will pack out tomorrow. After a long weekend - this is a wonderful thing, not having to deal with all the very tired vendors, the  to-ing and fro-ing of trucks, etc...

 Unfortunately, threatening weather, gray and gloomy, kept the crowds down. I will have to say I would have better enjoyed music that was 'sunny' and upbeat today - but the music the band played was more suited to a 10pm quiet bar crowd - or even a spa - I could have fallen asleep getting a massage...
Lucky for me - my friend Joanie brightened the day! She stopped by and we wandered and shopped while Lauren watched the booth.

Some goodies under my tent - my new line of jewelry - Bohemian Bling and the clothing rounder overflowing with fabulous vintage clothing. Sales today consisted entirely of jewelry and vintage clothing.

A sweet side chair and the 'Princess' settee. I created these pieces for 'myself ', then for the Gateway Gallery, then for Lucketts. 

My mannequin family - staying out of the rain today. Berthe on the left, Shirley in the red violet gown, and Bob in front. Elmira is hiding behind Shirley - I didn't realize she was camera shy!

Our favorite plant guys - Steve Ritz is along for the 'fun'... Paul Roomsburg is head plant guy at Valley View Greenhouses. When it's quiet at Lucketts, Steve takes out his guitar and Paul takes out his fiddle and they treat us to some great old time music. Bob comes under guise of helping me - but he really just wants to hang with Paul and Steve.
Suzanne and I got to visit two different times today - in the morning and then at the end of the day. Here we are clowning with my vintage umbrellas. 
 We were both thinking dueling Magritte here...
I always have a great time at this market - and even manage to find some fun goodies. I'll blog about them in the next few days. For now - it's time for my weekend to start! Oh wait - that'll be late Monday afternoon - after we pack out of here...

Glad I can tuck this one under my belt for the year. 
Yes, I am already planning for the next show -  the White Elephant in Purcellville - June 7,8 & 9.
Hope to see you there!
xo, Liz

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