Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Take the time to listen Take the time to recharge

We haven't gone on a vacation in three years.  I wasn't sure it was going to happen this year either due to my Mother's health problems.  We had however, committed to a house at the beach - I sure would have hated to waste that money...
This is Ethel (names have been changed...).  Where was I?  My favorite place to stop on the way to the beach - The "Park and Flea" in downtown Salisbury, MD.  You meet some of the nicest and most genuine people at this place.  I had the nicest time talking to Ethel - all the while my daughter was at another space looking at DVDs.  She called me 3x on the phone - to get my attention - but I wasn't leaving - because Ethel wanted to talk - and by gum! I was going to listen.  
These are some of Ethel's treasures found and given to her over the years - aren't they wonderful?! 
I had a neighbor, now long deceased - Edith Bushrod - and Ethel reminded me so much of her.  Sweet - but tough - ready to take on life and all that it asked of her - and it had asked a lot. Ethel married at 14 years old!  She was now 71 - and was selling at the flea market on her own. My mind went a little numb when she told me how many grandchildren and great grand children she had - the grands were in the 60+! By the time we finished talking - we agreed to see each other next Sunday - and Ethel was going to meet me with one of her home baked sweet potato pies. 

It looks a little barren from this shot - but I bet there were 50+ vendors. We got to the market around 9:30 and we were done by 12 noon. Time for lunch! 
We had never eaten at a Checkers before - but got a great deal - 2 spicy chicken sandwiches and drinks for $6.00! It really hit the spot. 

I'll show you pics of all the goodies we found - later...
for now it's Beach Time!!

remember - take time to listen - you may hear something amazing!
xo, Liz

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