Monday, September 3, 2012

When you are self employed - there really is no such thing as a vacation Part 3

We had finally had enough sun, so on Friday - a gray day anyway - we did the staging for all of our goodies purchased at the 'Park and Flea' and other places.  I also had Ginna model all of the clothing.
Here she is in one of the cuddly vintage robes  :D.

First we started the day with a yummy breakfast - blueberry pancakes, bacon, and fruit salad.

Another soft robe - this one has an Asian motif - and is short, where as the pink one was longer.

A very cool 60s button down maxi skirt, all sort of 'business like', and a polyester, vertical striped shirt that reminded me of my Dad's referee shirts.

A wildly, wild synthetic jumpsuit - in neon paisley.

And an amazing dark gray with black trim day dress.  Fabulosity!  And I have to ask again - how does she manage to fit in all of these things???

Back to School - cool desk lamp, alarm clock, microscope, suede handbag, and some 'wise' owl jewelry.

Some wonderful housewares - a Bakelite meat fork and fondue fork, Ocean City salt and pepper shakers, some small pedestal bowls, a fab deer cross stitch.

Some bar paraphernalia - of course I had to buy the Jim Beam ceramic bottle - saluting the Elks!

We found some time to visit the Island Library and take a look at their new addition.

But did they know that all the spindle are upside down???  Oops!

A last stop at the beach on Saturday - it started raining at 5 pm - and continued so hard through the night that we couldn't go out to get our last ice cream treat.

Yards turned into duck ponds!  Before we knew it - we had to leave.  A brief week and it was all over except the memories.  We stopped by the 'Park and Flea' on our way home - because of the rain it was less well attended than last week - and sadly we could not say goodbye to Ethel - because she was unable to make it.  Goodbye for another year - maybe more...

xo, Liz

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