Monday, September 24, 2012

Cooking for Two

Talk about different eating styles and you're talking about me and my husband. I am always willing to try foods that are new to me and I have a pretty varied palette. I prefer lighter fare for the most part and love salads of all kinds. I also have a 'picky palette'. If it doesn't taste good - ugh, forget it. And believe it or not - even though I have posted more than once here about food - I am not an eater or a 'foodie'. My husband is pretty much a meat and potatoes guy and won't touch green leafy stuff let alone eat it. He will be more than happy to eat pizza for lunch/dinner - days on end. He is not a food adventurer. Until recently he hadn't ever had the 'american' staple - Chinese food!
Since we have been married I have slowly managed to get him to eat all kinds of Mexican food made at home - and at restaurants, and introduced him to Greek food, both at home and festivals. My daughter left for college last Thursday - and so now I am definitely cooking for two. Which poses a problem. Whereas I might want a small piece of chicken and a salad - I still have to cook big and large for Bob.
Time to experiment. I lost track of time today - and so instead of roasting a whole chicken I only had time to defrost 2 thighs. Now what? A little olive oil in the pan, a small thinly sliced onion, a handful of sliced  grapes, an apple cored, sliced and cut into bite sized pieces. Saute this until the onion is clear and soft, add the chicken and lightly brown on both sides. Add 1/2 cup of beer - mine was a Corona - I drank the rest with a slice of lime. After about 20 minutes - add about 1/2 cup of barbeque sauce. Put the lid on it and let it cook. 
The flavors were savory and just a tiny bit sweet - and tangy. The apple chunks softened and the crisp, tart flavor melded with the onion and grapes. We had rice as a side - as well as veggies - I had spinach, and made mixed vegetables for Bob. He loved the chicken! There may be hope yet...

Until later, Liz


Eleanor Aquitaine said...

That chicken sounds yummy! I thought I had it bad, but at least Bob's brother will eat his leafy greens:-) Although, this weekend I made Kale chips (which really are a delicious replacement for potato chips) and he politely asked me to never make that in the house again:-) heh.

Liz said...

It was Yummy! Hmm - Kale chips. They sound great - but did they make the house smell funny or something?

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