Friday, September 7, 2012

The time is NOW!

Please VOTE for ME!!

Sometime in August I saw a post on Etsy's blog? about a contest called American Made sponsored by Martha Stewart.  And I entered...

This was the product I started with - my Patriotic Ribbon Wreath -  but I also included

My Colors of Nature Ribbon Wreath

Polka Dot Daisies Ribbon Wreath

White Chocolate Ribbon Wreath

Spring Green Nest Ribbon Wreath

Pleated Skirt Recycled Envelopes Card

Bow Tie Recycled Envelopes Card

FistiCuff Men's Tab Top Cuff

and my Tab Top Key Chains

The voting starts today - September 7th and ends September 24th.
Vote early and share 'viral' ly - thanks!! 

Love ya, Liz

1 comment:

Liz P. said...

A HUGE Thank YOU to everyone who did vote for me - while you still could. Apparently the 'rules of engagement' were not explained very well. From what I can tell - the Martha Stewart Organization did the first choosing. Now you can vote for who THEY chose.
Oh well...

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