Thursday, August 30, 2012

When you are self employed - there really is no such thing as a vacation Part 2

Yes - I really am flat on my back here.  I may not be able to sleep through the night - but put me on a beach in public - and I can be fast asleep in a heartbeat - and I mean ASLEEP!  I don't think there is anything better than the warmth of the sand and sun, a breeze, and the sound of the ocean. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - oh! what? - excuse me...  :)

Bob and Cali joined us during the week - Cali has such issues with being abandoned as a puppy - that she was not too sure about a vacation - she was a little more clingy than usual.

On our way back from the beach the first day, we stopped by the Opportunity Shop and picked up some stuffies for her as a surprise.  Here she is having a great time.

Breakfast on Tuesday morning was a 'compromise' of Bob's fav - french toast.  I had brought all of our 'heels' of bread with me and made bread pudding.  I served it with fresh, sliced peaches and bacon.  YUM!

More beach time - yep those are my toes (Make Mine Mango - by Revlon) - and I am asleep once more...

Woody's Eatery on Maddox for dinner - Barbeque - pulled pork for Bob and I, and a chicken/grilled pineapple sandwich for Gin.  

A GORGEOUS sunset over the bay and mainland that evening.

More goods from the 'Park and Flea' and Op shop. Undecided as to whether I need to keep the handyman's encyclopedia intact - or make cards and envelopes out of the pages...

And stuff that I really needed - from a couple of places on the island - the most important - Shark's Teeth.  I had to look everywhere for them - and finally found the best selection at Payne's Treasure Chest (on Ridge Road north of Beebe) - along with some really cool skull beads from Tibet.  I also got the vintage show ribbon there.  The vintage wallet came from the 'Park and Flea'. The playing cards and map postcard came from Pony Penning Enterprises - really known for their Breyer Models.

Now I need to get down to business and make those fun, nautical necklaces for the Cane Garden Bay Surf Shop!

See you soon, xo, Liz

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