Saturday, September 15, 2012

Nautical Necklaces

This is another part of my order I sent off to the Cane Garden Bay Surf Shop this past week.
Fun and colorful is what they were asking for - and I had some playful ideas for necklaces.

Some that were simple

Some that were silly

Some that were a little snarky

Some that were a little dark

And last but not least - my message in a bottle - complete with a tiny fish hook, baby shells, AND - a handmade 'treasure map' - my favorite thing to make as a child. Wait... and still is - does this mean something? ;)

Have a great weekend!  Liz

1 comment:

Mar gar et said...

These are darling, Liz, especially the message in the bottle-what's the message??

I found the tiniest pair (1/8") of what appears to be either polymer, or bone, scrimshaw sailing ships earrings for $1 at a flea. I haven't done the tests to see if it's bone, tooth, or plastic yet, but no matter, they're so cute. Most likely will give them to my daughter to put on a necklace. She loves all things nautical.

Found the most fascinating articles on the "real deal" scrimshaw, and the history of the sailors' art is beyond amazing. JFK had the best whale tooth set on his White House desk, oh my!


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