Tuesday, September 18, 2012


There is a first time for everything.  Ginna and I were separated the first time was when she was about 18 months old. I was going to be away for the weekend and had gotten her Godparents watch her. All through the first afternoon Kay kept watching her, waiting for her to realize that I wasn't around. Nothing. A stroll through the neighborhood. Nothing. Dinner came and went. Nothing. Bath time came. Off came the clothes, shoes, diaper.  Into the tub she went. Uh Oh!
The lip began to quiver, and Kay thought 'here it comes'. The beginnings of tears, more quivering of the lip. Kay thought for sure she would hear Ginna cry "Mommy"!
What came crying out of this little girls mouth instead?                                                                              "Shooooooes"!
After this whenever we would go shoe shopping - I would have to put her on the conveyor belt with the new pair on - because she wouldn't take them off.
It hasn't changed much - except she's too big to go on the conveyor belt now ;)
Last fall, at the Ladies Board Hospital Sale, I found these fabulous vintage gold sandals accented with framed tiles,(Signals by Beacon) for Ginna.  I loved them and I knew she would too! She wore them with her toga for Homecoming week and ever since - I have thought of them as Goddess sandals.
I have silently coveted them since then - but I wear a smaller size, so borrowing them was a no go.
Then TaDa!!  What did I find - but a similar pair - only in off white from StoriedVintage (http://www.etsy.com/shop/StoriedVintage2 ) on Etsy. Lorraine was wonderful to work with.  I just got them today - and after I put them on, I did a happy dance. 
Here we are with our 'matching shoes'. I have the hot pink toes and Ginna has the navy and gold toes (Drexel U. colors). 
We will be separated longer this time - on Thursday I will be taking her off to Philadelphia and moving her into her dorm. 
Wish me luck & no quivering lip or tears. 
Maybe just a cheer of "SHOES"!
xo, Liz

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StoriedVintage said...

Liz, I LOVE this post! It is so charming. You have a new fan.
Lorraine at Storied Vintage

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