Thursday, September 6, 2012

Make your own Rubber Stamp

Also could be sub-titled: Don't throw that away - I can use it!!

I am currently working on 4 different projects  - all a collection of items which will be sent off to the Cane Garden Bay Surf Shop in the British Virgin Islands.  I have a whole stack of surf magazines - where as you can see - it is all about the photo.  These magazines are all eye candy when it comes to waves, ads, etc...  Needless to say - that means these magazine pages make great envelopes and cards.  My first set of surf cards all had the same type of look - so I wanted to change it up a bit for this next order.
I have looked everywhere - for some time now - for a wave stamp.  A stamp that was big enough to cover an A2 sized card. Nothing. So what to do?? If you're me - you make your own!

A fellow paper enthusiast gave me a bunch of rubber pieces that had been trimmed from rubber stamps.  They knocked around here for a while - but it finally got to the point where I had to make the stamp. 
I took the pieces and just followed the edge with my scissors - the lines and curves that were already there.  I mixed up small batches of epoxy - and started to 'lay out' my wave. We are not exactly talking a 'pretty' stamp here - but it is certainly functional.

And as you can see - it almost has a linoleum or wood block print look to it. This will be my background to the next set of surf cards that I make.  They will be more 'collage like' with this inked under layer. 

So the next time you need something - and can't find it out there on the WWW - do what I would do - make it!  

Good Luck  :)  Liz

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Mar gar et said...

Beautiful, Liz! This is such a simple art form, but so effective. You could make your own fabric with the stamp, too. Think of the bikini line you could start. In HS my friends, and I, used to make our own bikinis-including crochet. The good ol' days, right?

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