Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Vintage Earrings (surprise!)

Here are the rest!

  In my previous post: http://bittersweetdesignstudio.blogspot.com/2011/09/vintage-jewelry-anyone-earrings-to-be.html  
I mentioned that I had carded all of ROY G BIV earrings, but that I still had to card up all of the 'neutral' colored earrings.  My made up acronym for those is now WBBR PSGC.  That stands for White, Brown, Black, Rhinestone, Pearl, Silver, Gold, Crystal.  This side consists of 52 pairs of earrings.

Here are the White, Brown, Black and Rhinestone.

Here are the Pearl, Silver, and some Gold.

Here are the rest of the Gold, and the Crystal.

WOW!  That was a lot of work!  But they do look much better when they are organized and on uniform cards.  
These will be available at the Town Wide Tag Sale in Purcellville, VA. this weekend.  Also eventually on Etsy and up at It's Bazaar on 21st Street in Old Town, Purcellville, VA.

Now to finish pricing those Brooches, and start to price the bigger stuff. 

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