Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vintage Jewelry anyone? Earrings to be Specific

I always seem to sell jewelry at the shows that I do - which these days, you can probably count on one hand.  I am continually drawn to vintage jewelry.  I always wonder - who wore it? to where? who gave it to them? was it for an anniversary? lots of wondering.  

I have just started selling some of my vintage jewelry up at It's Bazaar on 21st Street in Purcellville, VA.  I have sold it on line for a few years now - but I never really listed very much; and I was not allowed to sell it at Everyday Elegance, where I consign some of my items, because they already had a jewelry person.

This caused me to have quite the 'back up' of vintage lovelies.  I have shown you these jewelry boxes before.  This was the beginning of my 'jewelry sorting chore' in the living room.  Believe it or not - the boxes were over flowing by the time I was finished.

So far, all of the necklaces have been priced, the brooches are in process - wow - were there a lot of them!, and the earrings are about halfway finished.  I am through the ROY G BIV part.  Now I have to move on to the white, cream, brown, black, gold, silver part.  Can I call that WCB BGS?  :)
Here is the ROY G BIV part:
The screen the earrings are hanging on measures 3' tall x 18" wide.

 Before, when I put the earrings on cards, I used leftover postcards from my open houses.  Because I didn't have a ton of earrings - having the cards mismatched didn't seem to really matter.
 But I knew, when I went to display all of these earrings together - it was time to make it look cohesive.  This would make sure that when you look at the display - the earrings would catch your attention - and not the various bits of miscellaneous card stock.  Well OK - hopefully now the entire display is attention getting as well!  My daughter says it makes her happy :)
For my templates, I took two pieces of 8.5" x 11" paper and folded them.  The first was folded to create 12 sections; 4 across the 11" length, and 3 down the 8.5" dimension.  This size card would be for the larger earrings.  Then I folded the second piece to create 16 sections.  This would be for the smaller size earrings.  Then I used the dimensions for both cards, and I transferred them to another sheet of paper.  One half would have markings for 6 of the larger cards, the other - 8 of the smaller cards.  
Then, I took one of my tiny alphabet stamps and spelled out VINTAGE up the left hand side of each earring card template, and stamped 'screwbacks' or 'clip ons' across the bottom.  This way some one can immediately identify what type of earring it is.  Because you know - we all have our preferences  :)

This jewelry display is kind of neat because the earrings shown here span nearly a century.  We are pretty sure that the fabulous red and brass dangles in the upper left corner are late Victorian; and those round purple earrings - third row up from the bottom - 4th from the left - are all 1980s!  The price range is very wide as well. 

The other side of the screen will have the WCB BGS color range - when I get them on on cards and priced (that'll be tonight - right?).  Then they will be ready to sell at the Purcellville Town Wide Tag Sale, next weekend.  I will be at 311 South Maple Street - You might recognize this sign from a few years ago: 

We'll have the sign out once more - so look for it on the right side of the road as you go south on Maple Avenue.  Hope to see you there!

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