Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ladies Board Rummage Sale

Tractor Trailers being off loaded at Sorting Area #1
 Come with me on the adventure that is the 73rd Annual Ladies Board Rummage Sale.Go ahead, climb on board this is an amazing ride!   This sale is to benefit Inova Loudoun Hospital.  It all starts with people donating a few things to TWICE IS NICE the hospital thrift store...and grows from there!
Tractor Trailers being off loaded at Sorting area #2
I have attended the Rummage Sale since 1989.  At that time it was held at the 4H Fairgrounds just off of Dry Mill Road.  The different departments were all set up in the various animal buildings.  I don't remember what year they moved to Morven Park, but it was because a small tornado came through and destroyed some of the animal barns at the fairgrounds. Need I say they have grown to fill this new space and more!

Years ago - when I was donating items for my neighbors (I had the truck), I took all of my items to the Nichol's barn over in Purcellville.  Then they started having tractor trailers available in the back lot at the hospital - and you would make an appointment to off load your donations into one of the trailers.  

Sorting Area #1
I think volunteering is an important thing to do while we are on this earth.  When my daughter was in Elementary School I helped there in various capacities.  Then came a time when I was so busy with Bittersweet Design Studio that I didn't have much time to give.  I did manage to design a garden and get that established over at St. Francis De Sales Church in Purcellville,  but that was really it for a few years.  Then my friend Lesli asked if I would like to help at the Rummage Sale.  We try and take time to go thrifting together, although we haven't had a chance in some time.  Lesli was going to be working in the LINGERIE Department and they needed people there to help sort and hang everything.  OK - so this might sound a lot more glamorous than it really is.  But that's ok!  It needs to be done - and we do it!  
Lingerie is probably one of the smaller departments - and we have 12 boxes of categorized socks, 8 boxes of sized bras, 6 boxes of girdles, panties, briefs, and specialty items.  Then hanging racks 8 feet long each filled with robes, gowns, pj sets, tops only, bottoms only, swimsuits, cover ups, slips, camisoles, and scrubs.
With all of this - you can imagine if we are one of the smaller departments - what the other departments must be like!  Let's take a look:

Men's wear
Women's Sportswear

Women's Dresses, Suits and Coats

Children's Department
This was just the clothing area - and I didn't even show you Handbags and Scarves!

                                                         Gifts and Accessories Department

There are over 500 volunteers that spend 6 days organizing all of this and of course this doesn't include the countless hours spent gathering stuff throughout the year!  And the amazing thing here is that I have yet to include the remaining departments - Furniture; Frames, Pictures an Lamps; Electronics; Shoes; Antiques; Christmas; Toys; or the French Room!  MORE NEXT POST!

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Makes me wanna live in Purcellville!

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