Friday, October 14, 2011

Ladies Board Rummage Sale Friday Sales

This little fellow was one of my finds at the Rummage Sale.  I just had to start with him because he is so darn CUTE!!!

The most delicious lunch in Loudoun county is served in this little building on the Morven Park property. 

These are just some of the women who do this for over 500 volunteers every day for almost a week.  We gave them a huge round of applause today during lunch.

Our one year old, deaf kitten Inkblot (aka Inky) is checking out his new crate.  Another great find at the Rummage Sale!  We had a larger one in our kitchen but it really had to go - it just took up too much room.  Inky was use to being tucked into the crate every night to go to bed.  After we took the crate down, he was inconsolable.  He cried every night.  Luckily I found this nice small one (I did have a small budget as well).  Now he feels nice and secure at night - no more crying.

This was the beginning crowd - the Early Birds at 7:25 am.  The 'doors' didn't open until 8:00 am.  Before the doors opened at 8:00 am, the crowd had completely filled the open space you see here in the photo.  There were also two other entrances where they could come in!

Sorry - the dryer just dinged!  New or not - anything I bring in the house immediately goes into the washer and dryer.  I had to go fold my brand new mattress pad ($4.00), and three brand new fitted sheets ($1.00).  We found one groovy vintage flat sheet that Ginna may use as a curtain in her dorm room next year :)

 I had to take some pictures of some hard core, but very happy shoppers.  This lady had an amazing armload of clothes - but remained smiling!

This woman had a great idea - load all your clothes in the wagon.  I think this might get a little unwieldy in some of our departments.
Enough pictures!  I had to get to work.  Socks .25 cents per pair, robes $3.00, new bras $2.00, new pantyhose $1.00, and so on.  We were adding numbers in our brains, making change, and bagging lingerie as fast as we could.  All of our customers were very patient, and we appreciated every dollar that came in.  I can't wait to hear what the sale brings in this year.  
We worked all morning long and then went off to an early (and delicious) lunch.  Ginna couldn't get over the three bean salad that one of the volunteers made.  It had water chestnuts and dill in it and was fabulous.  Afterwards we took some time to ourselves and went to The French Room.  This is where the designer and select clothes, shoes and purses are sold.  Ginna found a pair of loden green dressy cargo pants ($12.00), I found an acid lime short swing jacket ($20.00) -Jennifer Huffman seal of approval, and an adorable 1960s, groovy, long floral skirt (to be sold on Etsy).  
Then off to the Christmas barn - Jennifer says we are going to do 'flocking' - alrighty then!  Ginna is working on her next art project for Art 4.  It is a large 'A' from a commercial sign that she intends to fill with objects that begin with the letter 'A'.  Here we found 'apples', and an 'angel'.
Next stop, the Toy barn.  Here she found two 'arachnids', and two 'alligators', one 'army' man, and 5 Barbies. Wait - Barbies begin with a 'B'. - Sorry - already dismembered - 'arms' and 'asses' :0  !
I always know I am in trouble in the Book barn.  We did get CDs for $1.00 each - not bad, and she bought some classic paperbacks.  I tried to keep my book urge in check.
In the Sports barn I found a pair of men's ice skates, and  a ladies bowling ball (gray and pink!).  Don't even ask...
This is all for tonight.  6 am and my yard sale tomorrow will come awfully quick.  I leave you with my failed attempt at being "Pretty Dress Police" for Ginna - as you can see - I was absent on the job! ($6.00)


ooglebloops said...

Again, thanks for sharing - some great finds!!! Your little girl playing on the porch with her toys years ago, has grown to a gorgeous girl modeling her own fabulous finds on the same porch!!!

Liz P. said...

Oh my - I know! It is amazing that the time just seems to have flown. All of the hours I spent in the shop getting ready for open houses and her playing with the merchandise - bringing it to the counter to ask how much it was. Time moves so swiftly!

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