Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!  Sorry it's been a bit - I guess I needed a break.  
Since my last post I have:
visited my Mom on her birthday
painted some tin tiles
did some house cleaning
laundered my linen living room curtains, and kitchen curtains
rehung the kitchen curtains
hung some 'winter' drapes in the living room
hand washed some vintage wool sweaters that I had listed on Etsy
priced a ton of hand knit scarves, and other knitted items
displayed them up at It's Bazaar
cut hydrangeas off of one of my bushes because it was going to snow
played in the snow
I know...... SNOW!!!amazing huh?
The hydrangeas have gotten some beautiful color from the cool nights we've had - but I knew they wouldn't last through the predicted snow that we were going to have this past Saturday.  I picked enough to fill this antique wicker hanging basket.

Here's my antique sideboard with my Halloween display.
On the left - a stoneware squirrel feasting from an antique tart pan filled with tiny cinnamon hearts and pumpkins
On the right 2 Gurley items - a hollow wax pumpkin - I've never seen one of these before, a Gurley witch candle, and a new - but too cute crepe paper, accordion pleated pumpkin.
                                  A Henn Workshops pumpkin basket with a cloth black cat.

A Halloween from long ago "Little Rascals" style.  Ginna is 'Darla', with our former neighbors, the Knisley boys - Dylan is 'Spanky', Hunter 'Alfafa'.  They won an award at the Michael's Shopping Center in Leesburg for best costumes!

                                Another wonky cat - I believe made by Ann Vaughn, who use to have a business called Christmas Creations, and now co-owns The Cottage in Leesburg.

                                         A hand made wool mat with some scary pumpkins.

                                        Two more 'gourd' baskets by the Henn Workshops.  
                              The larger is a mustard color, the smallest is a dark mossy green.

Sally the snake.  Made by a WVU Math professor who was also a blacksmith as a hobby.  I watched him fashion her from a piece of rebar.  She has been with me since 1985.  He was demonstrating his craft at Friendship Hill - the residence of Albert Gallatin.  I had to take her home with me - she had such a cute face - and I am not a snake person!

                                       So here is my total vignette, my tribute to Halloween!

                                                                 Cali says BOO!

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ooglebloops said...

Love your displays and best of all, Cali!!!!!

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