Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Etsy sales for the week

From Missing Heirloom: 
These are the coolest canvas storage bags.  They have such a great 'industrial' look!  I think they are from a bath house at the beach.  But they could also be from a hotel, I suppose.  They hang on a wooden hanger, and have a number stamped on them.  The 'bag' itself was meant to hold a pair of shoes, and some clothing - either inside or over the 'bag' on the hanger itself.
Aren't they the greatest?  I have a number of them - I'll just have to make sure and save one for myself!

For the kitchen - this set of 1970s wood canisters 

and a little jewelry (I did say little) - some sweet, tiny earrings!

From Bittersweet Design Studio - a 12" Patriotic Ribbon wreath -  custom made and sent off to Hawaii - to be displayed on a door to welcome home a soldier returning from Afghanistan!

Now -- if I can just follow the directions to be able to post some of the recent treasuries I have made and been featured in - you'll see those...

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