Friday, September 23, 2011

MOO Cards and Stickers

I just took advantage of an offer by the company MOO the other day. 
 Through an Etsy and MOO combined promotion you could get a set of 50 free business cards.  The only catch - Etsy and Moo's branding is on there as well.  But no big deal! 
 Okay the other catch - is that I also bought 2 different sizes of stickers.
But really there is no catch!  These are fabulous!!  You can upload any amount of your own fabulous photographs and have them made into:

Business Cards!  Fabulous! The paper is sustainably sourced and has a smooth matte laminate finish.  And printed on both sides  :)

Stickers - these round ones measure 1.5"  I think I chose about 15 images for these...I purchased a set of 104.

These measure 7/8" - I purchased one book that holds 90 stickers. I will use these for 'branding'.  I will probably make magnets with these and include them with my Etsy sales on bittersweetdesign and MissingHeirloom.

The cost - I thought very reasonable at about $30.00.  I received them in about a weeks time.  I am a very happy customer.


Liz P. said...

as a note on this post - I have LOVED using my stickers on everything that I have been shipping out, as well as including one of my business cards!

ooglebloops said...

I made my own moos not too long ago-
But, seeing that they have stickers.....hmmm- may have to check them out further!!!

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