Sunday, September 4, 2011

Space It's Bazaar

When I moved some of my furniture and smalls into It's Bazaar a few months ago they were filled to the gills with vendors.  I was able to get a small space out in the middle of the room.  A column anchored my space.

  Many of the furniture items are from a friend of my Mom's.  She was in the process of moving into a retirement community and needed to down size.  Her husband had taken up chair caning and she bought him every chair that had a broken seat within miles  :)
He did a beautiful job!   

I stacked them tall - trying to maximize all of the space possible.  The sewing machine cabinet is without a machine. It has all of it's drawers, and is in excellent condition.  It would make a great hall table or sofa table.

On the left is my vintage 'dresser'.  Bob made this for me to display my vintage hats, purses, and clothes.  He made it from an old door - I added a pretty floral porcelain door knob - he attached a 1940s school bench.  On the back I had mirrors cut to fit the two recesses in the door.  This way you can hold an item up to see if you like it!

Some of the goodies for sale displayed on the fabulous 1930s Art Deco Vanity.  I have sold a few ;} things since I started here - and the owners Rebecca and Bill are great!

Four months later...
Luckily for me some wall space opened up - and so Ginna helped me move everything on Friday.
  Needless to say, it didn't take me long to put up all of my antique mirrors, my 'Tin Types' (antique tin ceiling tiles - brought back to life), 'Faded Glamour' & 'Window on your World'  (my message /jewelry boards).  

 After one of the little tables sold - I stacked 3 suitcases to make a 'coffee table'.  Now I just have these stacked against a wall.  Yes - I do have more of these vintage beauties back at my own shop.

The cupboard was here for me to use.  I will probably fix it up and paint it.  It will make a great display piece - until it sells that is!  I will be adding vintage jewelry to the mix in the next few days.

More pics to follow as I change things around.  So what has been selling??  Vintage negligees, vintage hats and purses, as well as some smaller pieces of furniture, and art work.

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