Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stink Bugs - and one way to keep them from infiltrating your house

Top side of the air conditioner - double taped with HVAC tape
Side view of the air conditioner

Here are a couple of photos - for those of you out there who use portable air conditioners.  We were determined to lessen our chances of a stink bug invasion this summer - and here is our solution.  The portable air conditioner is a great way for stink bugs to get into your home - all those huge openings!  
After wiping down all of the sides (so the tape would really stick), we wrapped all of the sides of the air conditioner (s) with aluminum screening - and taped it down with aluminum tape.  This tape seemed a better option than duct tape - because duct tape seems to get gooey, and then dried out, after time  - when exposed to weather.  
Bottom of air conditioner - the three drain holes need to be covered too - but they still need to drain!

We'll let you know how we fare - so far, with this heat - we have enjoyed at least one night of welcome relief!

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