Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nuts and Bolts - and a new computer - finally

Stacks of chenille, a 'tramp art' or 'make do' cupboard built from fruit crates, stacks of plastic drawers filled with trims, yarns, and vintage fabric.
My plans for the All Media Arts Challenge "Nuts and Bolts" had to be shelved due to my attentions wandering on to more pressing matters - such as my work room.  I started setting it up three summers ago.  At the time, I had strayed from much of my handmade work and was uncertain as to the direction I was going to go.  Over the years I have sewn, dried flowers, made wreaths and arrangements, painted, made signs, refinished and finished furniture, knitted, crocheted, poured candles, made jewelry, and I'm sure there must be something I missed!  
Needless to say - all of these activities require a lot of items to keep them 'going'.  I had no idea what to keep and what to pass on.  Three years later I have a better idea of my direction - and the workroom is almost complete!  Much of my supplies are in order and put away, thanks to my daughter, Virginia Theerman "Queen of Organization" and two of her friends Lauren Hunt "Queen of Christmas Balls" and Kristen English "Queen of Ribbon".  I love to be organized - but sometimes in my scattered life, this doesn't always happen - but we're getting close folks!
This means workroom stuff *out of the house* and shop stuff *out of the house* - awesome!  This will come 'hell or high water' by September.
My other task is to get the shop completely organized - I know - I may be going a bit too far - but it's good to have goals!
Cali gives the workroom her seal of approval - finally more than one place to lay down!
Look for me at Purcellville's Town Wide Tag Sale Saturday and Sunday October 8 and 9.  Possibly Friday the 7th too.  I will have tons of amazing stuff for sale!
Courtesy of Ginna my workroom has it's own name - "The Fledgling - where ideas take flight"!
The exterior even got a spruce up!  Fresh white trim and my signature 'aqua' for the siding.

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