Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nuts and Bolts - come along for the ride!

Always up for a challenge - this particular 'contest' sounded like my kind of fun.
This is an "All Media Arts Challenge" put on by The Franklin Park Arts Center.
The rules - sign up, pay 5 bucks, print out a certificate, take it to my FAVORITE hardware store - Nichol's in Purcellville.  Pick up a brown sack filled with random hardware, use at least ONE of the pieces to create a 'work of art'.

 So - what is in the bag?  Check back Monday and I'll show you!  My idea will be to use all of the items - seems to me that would be a tougher challenge than to only use one...So - come Monday - we'll see what's inside - I can't wait - good thing I'll be really busy over the next two days - and won' t be tempted to look!  I'll be busy filling orders for Tab Top Pet Collars!

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