Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nuts and Bolts - and a borrowed computer

Okay everyone - I am back for now.  I hope to be getting a new computer in the next few days :)  Here are two photos of what is in the NUTS and BOLTS bag.  Now...   What am I going to create?  Frankly - and I may have said this in my previous post - the real challenge to me - is to use ALL of the items to create something - not just one item.  SO - YES - I will be using them all.

 Here is a list of exactly what was in my bag:
1 piece of 600 grit Wetordry sandpaper 4" x 3"
4 pieces of aluminum screen 3" x 3"
1 letter M stencil
2 wooden pegs 2.75" long
1 biscuit
1 split ring washer 7/8" in diameter
1 bolt with nut 2" long
1 tiny thumb screw .75" long
1 locking (?) washer .5" in diameter
8 washers .5" in diameter
1 little round metal 'thingy' - it looks like a round head with a birds beak - and measures 3/8" across - it sits just above and to the left of the split ring washer :)

The pegs definitely say something functional to me - and I am a rather practical gal.  With that said - I also love whimsy, and silliness.  So - here we go!  See you soon with an update!

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