Monday, July 29, 2013

We closed the doors at 12:01 Saturday WOW do I feel great!

More help! Going to the barn on Thursday - we had more than a couple of arm loads of vintage clothing to hang, and a few assorted boxes of items.
 Ginna and Kristin were troopers again. Because it was supposed to get hot we started at 7 a.m. and then planned on finishing on the earlier side.
We tried out the dart board, and made piles. 
A pile for the barn, a pile for It's Bazaar,

a pile for St. Mary's Attic Treasures tables, a pile for the Town Wide Tag Sale, a pile to donate.

 And boxes to sort inside. We cleared off 6 or so shelves on this side of the room - those goodies went into the 'adoption' room. Now we had shelves to unpack boxes on to!

These shelves also got cleared off - and redone. The shelf on the left is filled with garden items to be listed, the glass front cupboard is filled with an assortment - all to be listed.

Because we know what is going to happen in the 'adoption' room, we just shoved anything in there that was listed. This room I can handle by myself - and I will revel in putting each piece in it's place. We did not finish on Thursday as we had hoped - but we did get an assortment of smalls up to It's Bazaar. We didn't get done on Friday (it was just two of us). But we felt confident with all of our progress, that we could be done on Saturday.

The shipping counter is also my baby - anything shipping related just got piled here - I will need to tackle this in the upcoming week.

This is what was left under the canopy at 11:35 a.m. on Saturday. What was remaining went back into the shop in a very organized fashion. Then we tackled the shipping boxes that had their own pile at the back door of the shop. 

Time to bring the truck around, load it with what was left to go to the barn, the cardboard and boxes to go to recycling, and the load of items to be donated. 

12:01 - we closed the doors and took the canopy down, hopped in the truck to do our three drop offs - and a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Now I feel as though I have control over my active inventory versus my latent inventory, as well as my tools and equipment to work on things. 

Yes I still have the adoption room (active online inventory) to finish up, and the shipping counter to clear off, and the shipping room (where all the boxes are kept) to organize once more - but WOW! this is a huge step and such a great transition from active, displayed shop space to a very organized 'warehouse' like space. 

A huge thanks to Ginna and Kristin for their perseverance and opinions/insights as we were trying to make sense of this new space.

I felt so relaxed on Sunday I didn't know what to do with myself!

When I finish up my remaining three spaces - I'll give you another peek at all of it.

for now, good night, Liz 

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