Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Work will Teach you How to Do it

 is an old Estonian proverb. And so very true. These are just a few pics of of the work we have done on house in the woods.

 Our nephews' Kenny and Rusty, replaced the wood board walk from the drive to the steps, with flagstone. The sloped wood walk was too slippery for a house in the woods.
These two talented young men also put in this rustic flagstone path from the boardwalk to the shed so the owner would not be walking through dirt.

The boardwalk connects the side and front porch with the deck.

Bob, Kenny and Rusty replaced the front door.

A closet - exciting, I know!! Ginna and I spent some quiet time in here on July 4th. We were the only two working at the house this day. Amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do isn't it?

Friday the 5th was really crazy. We had people everywhere.

Sydney and Bob in the kitchen/dining room. I was there too - painting quarter round.
The plumber and his helper were here.

Bob and Kenny replacing a piece of plywood with heartwood pine. 

Bob teaching Sydney how to use the nail gun.

Saturday the 6th was quiet again. It was just Sydney, me and Ginna working at the house today. Look who was here to greet us!

Ginna stained the new flooring to match the existing. Once we clean all the joint compound dust off of the old floor it will look great!

And matched it by the steps as well. Where's Sydney? Outside hosing down and washing all of the first floor windows.

Putting the finish down in the laundry area, kitchen and dining room. I fail to remember the exercise in isometrics this is - I always find muscles I had forgotten about. The kitchen area had stick down tiles that we peeled up to reveal the very same floor that is in the dining room. We used a pad sander to take up the leftover glue and some crud. 

Amazing what a day makes. Hectic and crazy busy the day before, stuff everywhere. Today - quiet and an empty room with a pretty floor. A tenant will be moving in shortly. He will truly enjoy living in a rustic house in the woods.

It has been a long couple of months getting this place ready. There are a few details that still have to be taken care of - but that will come.

Time for bed, 
I am one tired girl! Until later, Liz

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