Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's getting closer!!

Loyalty Red Barn Tag Sale is over for the month. For several days last week we scrubbed and cleaned and polished and buffed - yes we were there at 7 a.m. to try and beat the heat before the heat beat us.

 2 beautiful piano fronts came my way, courtesy of my talented and musical friend Bobbie Carmitchell (World Domination Bobbi - oh, sorry, private joke...). The one above is a Sterling from 1898.
This one is much heavier - and possibly a Mason/Hamlin.
 Also from Bobbi, a mahogany pie crust table.
A very exciting yard sale find while in Lancaster County - a milking frame from Carl Diller. What I saw was another great industrial rack to hang more vintage clothing!
One of my best recent finds... I got this set of seats from a local contractor that was moving away. These beauties came out of the balcony (which was the 'colored' section) of our local movie theatre the Tally Ho when the unsafe balcony was demolished in the 1980s. In all vintage seller's dreams this is how it works: you buy something and sell it right away. That is what happened to these beauties. 

 This is Bob and one of his summer workers, Sydney. We had the honor of being invited to church to hear her give a talk prior to leaving on an 18 month mission trip to Brazil. Her words were wise beyond her years and I will remember them always. 
The gist being: imagine the people around you not as they are; but how they could be - moving towards 'perfection', moving towards their fullest potential. You could love them then, why not find the good in them, and love them now?

 Now that the busy weekend is over, I am using the time to slow down and get caught up on other projects.
My back log of jewelry repairs for one, and getting my website closer to a selling site, another.

Here's hoping we can keep it low key this week...

Talk to you soon! Liz

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