Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A little help and always ready to take a dare

For the most part - I work by myself. Sometimes, OK more than sometimes - you need some help.

Because I sold a sofa table at the barn this past week (very nice of the couple to buy it - you could hardly see it for all of the vintage shoes on it...) Anyway - I had to replace that with something - so I hauled the steamer trunk out of the little room of the shop to use for display. Cali came with me to the barn for company. She loves a car ride!

 One of my favorite fields - the view from the end of the Loyalty Red Barn Sales drive. Isn't it lovely?

One thing leading to another...getting that steamer trunk out of the way in the 'little' room meant that maybe I could get the rest out of the way. Then one of my helpers Kristen texted me and said she could work today and tomorrow. BINGO!!!

I have needed a better way to control my online listed items for quite some time. My thinking was to put all of the listed items in the smaller of the two rooms of the shop. Then I wouldn't have to wade through other stuff - like new purchases, painting supplies, etc... to find them. 

 The listings were all neatly organized on shelves - but when the shelves got full - then what? Items would get stacked in boxes - and then they would get mixed in - well you know. It was just an adrenaline mess when I would go out there to look for something - and I didn't have a clear picture in my mind of other items I had listed it with. So we moved everything out of the smaller room, cleaned it, emptied 4 shelving units in the bigger room, cleaned them, and put them in the smaller room.

Then all of my online listed items found a new, happy home in the little room. YAY! Here are some of my pretties in the new room. Did I sell a piece of milk glass or china? No problem - it's all right here! How about a hand knit scarf - those are in the bottom cupboard.
As you can see - we still have a pile of stuff under the tent. Hopefully we will finish this up tomorrow. We got SO much done today!

Ok now for the dare... The girls (yes I had help!), were commenting on how huge this suitcase was and that you could probably fit a small child inside. I said I could fit and my daughter said "No way, I'll give you 50 cents if you can fit in there".

 The gauntlet was thrown. So here I am trying to be my smallest and win that 50 cents.

 Kristen says it's close - but not quite.

My smarty pants daughter decides to see if she can help by sitting on the suitcase lid.
Oh well, always eager to accept a challenge, but I don't always succeed.
Come back tomorrow and see what we have accomplished. I am so excited!

Until then, xo, Liz

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