Saturday, August 18, 2012

Make Someone Happy! Lend a Helping Hand

At Christmas time last year I had a woman contact me on Etsy.  She had a lot of items to sell and wanted to know how difficult it was to set up shop.  I gave her the entire rundown - the selling is very easy.  But then I realized - the only reason the back end of it - shipping - is easy for me - is because I have some space to have all those miscellaneous boxes and recycled materials to send things off with.  For someone in a smaller space - this would be very difficult and perhaps expensive.

Margaret contacted me again in June - perhaps I could buy outright/consign/sell her items for her.  I replied with an enthusiastic YES!  My time frame was not her time frame however.  Summers for me are usually reserved for re-finding my workroom. This summer (come hell or high water) was going to be dedicated to organizing my shop. I needed more shelves, and I needed to better organize all that I had listed in my Etsy shops.  These items are only the tip of the iceberg.
I told Margaret that I would be happy to help - but my thought was pricing and getting everything ready for October and the Town Wide Tag Sale in Purcellville.  She wanted things gone sooner than that.  Thinking, thinking...  I mentioned that she should go see Rebecca and Bill up at It's Bazaar in Purcellville.  They would probably buy some items outright - as well as consign things for her.

This is exactly what she did.  Why am I showing you my chairs?  Because she saw these in my space up at It's Bazaar and had a pair that she offered to me.  They were currently being shown on Craig's List.  I LOVED them, but I also had enough projects in the queue.

 My brain was still working in June - and I private messaged Miss Mustard Seed on Facebook.  I knew she would love them too.  She has a space at Lucketts and moves more furniture through her space in a month than I do.  The resounding answer was YES!!!  So I convoed Margaret back and told her to remove the listing from Craig's list, that MMS wanted them.
However - I was not prepared for the response!
She was over the moon that Marion might like them - let alone want them.  Well let me tell you - Now she is over the moon and back again -

And to top it off  - Margaret also told me she had some checks waiting for her up at It's Bazaar.
All of this came about because I took a few minutes to answer some questions.  In the process I made some one wildly happy.  That's just makes me smile :)

Love and Peace, Liz


Mar gar et said...

Dear Sweet Liz,
Kindness always finds a home, and is always multiplied in the hearts of those we touch. Hey, I was at "It's Bazaar" yesterday! Good folks, and love what they do, and even referred me to other resellers-that tells me it's not the money, it's the networking, the fun, the idea of networking, and making new friends, that drives their day. In the case of finding new friends, and having my soul healed and touched, a resounding, "YES!" always prevails, and kindness certainly lives in your heart, Liz. I could see that in your "Etsy" shop, so fun, so cute and lots of great descriptions. You love your work, and it shows. In the midst of sorting through the last bits of the contents of my dad's home, this wonderful "bluebird of happiness" came right on time for me, and am happy that those French chairs sought to find a good home, and are now with "The Good Queen Marian."
XO Always,

Liz P. said...

I am so glad you felt comfortable enough to connect with me on Etsy last year. I truly hope we get to actually meet in person soon! Liz

Anonymous said...

Yes, that would be lovely! XO

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