Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sometimes it is all about the shoes

We had a picnic to go to today and I wore a particular pair of sandals because I thought a vintage partner in crime - Holly - was going to be there. I wanted her to see me wearing them - because these were her Mom's.

 I saw both pairs in her space at the Loyalty Red Barn Tag Sale - yes there were two different pairs - the other ones are white - lucky me!! And of course I had to have both pairs.
Oh anyway... so, I picked my outfit by starting with these fabulous sandals.

I was recently in New York City and just down the street from the job I was working on is the Lexington Saree Palace. Suffice it to say, I did not stop with the tunic above...
I know, my daughter would say "But mom, it's not the same color purple - The sandals have more blue in them and the tunic has more red" - I hear ya honey - but do you see me with my fingers in my ears - "lalallalala I can't HEAR you". Besides - the two were separated by a pair of off white linen pants. So. There.
Of course then I had to accessorize - out comes my new pile of arm candy - some of my latest bracelet designs AKA Bohemian Bling.

L to R: Rhinestone bracelet made with silk Sari yarn, Serene Buddha stretch bracelet is made with amazonite beads, purple quartz toggle bracelet with a few small charms - yes that top charm does say "I love shoes". The Sari yarn bracelet ends with two heavy silver beads and closes by twisting around the opposite braided strand. I am having a blast making all of these and adding styles as I go.

I found the Sari yarn in an antique mall and I could not pass it up - it was just too gorgeous!
The beauty about these bracelets is that you can just keep adding more. 

On my other wrist - L to R: dark pink vintage rhinestone bracelet I found at It's Bazaar, a linen cord and silver nugget bracelet - thrifting in NYC, and the braided curb chain/Sari silk bracelet, Pier One. 

The food and company at the picnic was great - my husband said that the grabber was the invite - Pig Roast and Meatfest - a sure way to get guys to come. Unfortunately Holly couldn't make it - but I wanted her to see - that sometimes it really is all about the shoes!

until later, xo, Liz

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