Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lucketts Spring Market Day One

Just a quick post...

These ladies made the end of our day! 

The shoppers seemed lighter than normal this year - perhaps it was the hint of rainy weather to come? The day started with rain - but cleared up enough to get things set out - later than I would have liked - but what's a girl to do??
The rain came in around 2:30/3:00 and pretty much cleared the fields - to be expected, but much to our disappointment - but what's a girl to do? We took some time to better organize the rounder of vintage clothing - as well as try to get some of the pieces priced. 
My pitch for the day had been "The good news is - all of the clothing is clean and here - the bad news is that most of it is un-priced - so you will have to ask". 
The ladies above stuck it out through the rain and came shopping at our booth as we were closing up. I wouldn't have thought of turning them away - we had a great time - they had fun trying on hats and a few pieces of clothing - and even went away with some goodies. Thank you for ending the day on a high note ladies! 

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Unknown said...

looks like a blast, you ladies rock~!

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