Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vintage Clothing - Hand washed

Of course among the 'pile' of vintage clothing - there are always the items that need to be hand washed.  I finally got to these today.
I hesitate to take items like this to a dry cleaner, and by hand washing them I get to inspect them for any boo-boos.  
I spent the morning hand washing 2 Victorian wool bathing suits, a 1940s taupe jacket and skirt, a 1920s slip dress, a floral pleated skirt, a 1940s fall colored tweed skirt, a 1960s loose weave white and yellow color blocked dress, a 1960s ruffly aqua maxi dress, a pair of 1950s pink and white plaid pants, a 1950s pink and white, checked shift, a half a dozen scarves, a pair of gloves, and gasp! 3 corsets!!

Sorry I haven't been around of late.  I always know that I am at my busiest when my calender is empty - as well as my blog...

See you soon, (she says hopefully) Liz   :)

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