Friday, May 4, 2012

Kentucky Derby Special

To celebrate the weekend of the Kentucky Derby - and to celebrate Bodemeister - who is the favorite - and from my favorite farm AUDLEY FARM - just west of here in Berryville, VA.

For my blog followers - I just wanted to let you know that I am having a Kentucky Derby Special in both my Handmade shop, and my Vintage shop, this weekend.  If you are 'in' either of my shops today through Sunday at midnight - you can search 'Derby'.  You'll find equestrian items that I am offering at a 15% savings.  You can message me before purchase and I'll adjust the price OR I'll refund your account after purchase!

In my vintage shop on Etsy - Missing Heirloom
And the winner is!!!

Too cute leather cowboy boots

I have a number of Walter Farley books available...and other 'horsey' items

and in my handmade shop - bittersweetdesign

some fun cowboy boot earrings
any of the "Pin the Tail on my Donkey" Cards

Raising a glass to Bodemeister - let's hope he wins on Sunday!!
Until then,
ride tall in the saddle, Liz


ooglebloops said...

Aaah, that's why I hear som any folks hoping for Bodemeister - he's local!! Wish I had known!!So many cute things in your shop- must go look!!

Liz P. said...

Couldn't watch - had to be at a High School play. My husband said he led for most of the race and only lost it at the end - to 'I'll have another'. Too bad!

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