Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sorry I bailed on you...

I'm back...

My Story:
Some time ago, someone was searching the web and came across some photos of my newly redone 1960s French Provincial furniture. They had similar pieces, and their furniture was in need of some love. They wanted some advice.  To be able to share it with everyone - instead of just answering her questions privately...I wrote this great post, answering in great detail, how to redo this type of furniture.
Because Google doesn't allow you to be logged into your Gmail address while being signed into Blogger - and I was currently signed into my mail account - when I went to post this particular blog entry - I lost the whole thing.
I was so pissed off - I haven't posted since.

But I need Blogger - Facebook is great for the 'close in' circles - but I want the wider audience, and the ability to share more info - so -

So here goes...  don't disappoint me...  My first post will be for my Cousin Karl - he wanted my recipe for Bolognese Sauce :)  

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